6 Best Games For Bridal Shower

Weddings are one of the most celebrated and rejoiced occasions. It is a time when all your friends, relatives and well-wishers come together to shower you will unconditional love and blessings. The bride to be in particular, is showered with affection, love and unlimited pampering. It is an unsaid and unspoken job for everyone around to take extra care of the bride. It is made sure that the bride is tension and stress free and enjoys every bit of her premarried life. As there are marriage preparations going on in full swing, another preparation which is being taken care of is the bridal shower of the bride. The close friends and some cousins of the bride usually surprise her with a bridal shower just before the wedding. It is a time when the bride can unwind completely and be herself. To make the event a much more enjoyable and fun filled time for the bride to be, you can keep a few interesting games. These games will help you in enjoying the time, spilling the beans and knowing a lot of fun and secretive things. It will make all of you have a wonderful time. There are a number of games which you all can choose from for the bridal shower.

Here Are 6 Best Games For Bridal Shower

1. Know The Bride

This is the most interesting and engrossing game. In this game all of the bride’s friends will have to answer about her. One of the mutually decided friends will handle this game. She will prepare all the questions and find out unknown things about the bride. The questionnaire which has been prepared will be a test paper for the remaining friends. For every wrong answer the bride can punish the friends in her own style. This will be engrossing, funny and very entertaining. Some of the answers will leave all of you on the floor. The friend making the questionnaire shall make sure that the questions are worth being asked and a proper research has been done on the bride. A serious game will be of no enjoyment.

Know The Bride

2. Guess The Messages

All the bride’s friends can write down letters, messages, and share memories with the bride. This will be a secret message time. The messages will be read out or played by one friend. The bride will have to guess the friend who has left the particular message for her. This will be engrossing and very special for the bride. This will be one of the games which will make the bride feel really very special. In order to make the messages more interesting you can jumble up sentences too. This will have to be done with a lot of care so that the messages do not get ruined.

Guess The Messages

3. Be Futuristic


A game on the couple’s future can be played as well. This will be the sole imagination of the friends of the bride. This will make the bridal shower extremely hilarious and funny. All the friends will have to predict the future. The questions can be prepared in advance and all the friends will have to answer the same questions. The bride will be in awe at the thoughts and the working of the brains of her friends. You all will be totally taken aback with some of the answers. Most importantly, you will make some great memories with this game and this will also give you some memorable moments in the future.

Be Futuristic

4. Bride’s Love Story

If your friend is having a love marriage or has had a comparatively long courtship, this will be a fun game. An interesting story can be made with this game. You can play fill in the blanks by keeping some gaps or blanks in the story. The gaps and blanks will have to be filled in by the friends and the bride too can play the game. Once the gaps have been filled in you will be left in splits. Every friend will have an unheard story to be told. The bride will be completely shocked at the imagination of her friends.

Bride’s Love Story

5. Candy Matched With Wedding

This will be a brainy and imagination related game which will be enjoyed by all. Every friend will have to match her definition with a candy. In simple words you need to define wedding with a candy. This will be a completely hilarious and fun filled session with some unknown and unimagined definitions.

Candy Matched With Wedding

6. Courtship Memory

In the courtship memory game, you can have a special entry of the groom to be. He can share some of his memories which will be followed by the memories of the couple that their friends have. This will be an extremely special for the couple and completely loved by them.

Courtship Memory

These are some of the fun filled games which you can include in the bridal shower. This will involve fun, happiness and making some more memories. Most importantly, try to capture some really great pictures.

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