6 Lovely DIY Wedding Gift Ideas Using Monograms

Monograms are stunning when they are placed on certain objects like a book or a pen, even a piece of glass. Transfer them to wedding presents and you have beautiful items, which will be most loved by both the bride and groom.

Here Is A Look At Some Inspirational And Easy-to-do Monogrammed Wedding Gift Ideas:

1. Etching Mr & Mrs on Champagne Glass Flutes

The most important part of the after wedding party is toasting the bride and groom. Glass flutes with Mr & Mrs etched on it will make a fabulous gift. It can be given right before everyone sits down to enjoy the food at the party else placed next to the bride and groom when they are seated. Making this gift is easy. Create a Mr & Mrs stencil by carefully drawing out the letter Mr & Mrs on a paper card stock. Carefully cut from the inside so that the inner part of the letter is empty. Stick the card stock on the glass flutes with tape and apply etch paint in the empty space. You can also apply glass colors of your choice using a paint brush. Remove the card stock and let it dry.

Etching Mr & Mrs on Champagne Glass Flutes

2. Wool Throws

You can have the first letter of the bride and groom’s name monogrammed on a wool throw. Open Microsoft Word and type out the first letter of both names. Make the letter size 36 and print them out on fabric transfer sheets. You can also have a design overlapping the letters, which can be found in Clip Art. Follow fabric transfer instructions to have the letters monogrammed onto the wool throw.

Wool Throws

3. Floral Bouquets

This idea requires you to collect the freshest of flowers. A nice big bunch is what you will need. Neatly arrange all the flowers and bring the stems together. Warp a cloth around the stem and monogram the first letter of the bride’s name on it with artificial pearls. You can either glue the pearls on the cloth else stitch them.

Floral Bouquets

4. Cocktail Napkins

Get cocktail napkins of varying colors and have the first letter of the bride and groom’s name monogrammed on them using screen printing techniques. You can either use a screen printing service to do this, else get a kit that has all items needed to do a simple monogram.

Cocktail Napkins

5. Vintage Handkerchiefs

Buy a set of vintage handkerchiefs. You can find them in shops that specialize in selling such items. Print the first letter of the bride and groom’s name onto a fabric transfer sheet. You can open up a document in Microsoft Word and type out the letters, then enlarge them to an appropriate size for printing. After you have the letter printed, open up a handkerchief and transfer the letter using fabric transfer instructions. Do this for a dozen handkerchiefs or a set and put into a gift box, wrapped with a ribbon.

Vintage Handkerchiefs

6. Cake With Monogrammed Mr & Mrs

A delicious strawberry or vanilla cake that is monogrammed with Mr & Mrs all over is a pleasant and lovely gift. Bake a plain cake and spread icing all over it. The color of the icing must be a sharp contrast to the color of Mr & Mrs written all over the cake.

Cake With Monogrammed Mr & Mrs

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