6 Of The Best Wedding Dresses With Illusion Backs

Wedding dress for the bride garners as much attention as the bride herself does. So crucial is the wedding dress that there is absolutely no room for imperfection and outdated trend. Wedding dresses, like other trends for women seem to have seen all seasons, literally!

The beauty of the illusion back wedding dress is the facts that it adds a great deal of oomph like the backless dresses. Traditionally back of the dresses are designed with laces and embellished tulle. Check out these 6 best wedding dresses with illusion and you may get the one you were looking for. Have no illusions, they all would look exquisitely magnificent on your big day!

Here Are The 6 Of The Best Wedding Dresses With Illusion Backs:

1. Minimalist Illusion Back Panel

Fashion figures have always emphasized on the “less is more” theory and it is applicable in wedding dresses as well. A wedding dress with an illusion back panel that has only a hint of lace and appliqué work in the edges give a very impactful look without going overboard. The illusion back panel that is otherwise buried under embroideries gets to make an appearance in this look in all its glory!

Minimalist illusion back panel

2. Buttoned Illusion Back

This is definitely a trendsetter in recent times with for its excellent craftsmanship. The wedding dress gets an illusion back that can be zipped up under the fabric covered buttons. Hence what the guests might think has been buttoned is actually zipped. Add to that the small buttons on the back panel gives an intriguing design in the dress in an embellished dress.

Buttoned Illusion Back

3. Beaded Illusion Back

Beads subtly add a lot of elegance in this dress and makes full use of the illusion backs’ territory. The very fact that beads are not often used for wedding dresses will surely make this dress worn by the bride stand out. If you are into vintage styling for wedding dresses, beaded illusion back wedding dress is the way to go. Capped sleeves to it will be a bonus.

Beaded Illusion Back

4. Illusion Back And Sleeves

Though only restricted to sleeved wedding dress, this one too deserves a special mention as it combines the sleeves with illusion back perfectly. As the canvas of illusion back widens to the sleeves, there is an array of embellishments that can feature in this dress, most notably flowered motif.

Illusion back and sleeves

5. High Neckline Buttoned Illusion Back

Fabric buttons and mandarin collar for hemline join forces to make an illusion back dress worth looking at. The very charming dress has buttons running down all the way from the collar to the hem in symmetry. Illusion back for this wedding can be tamed as the other “gets the attention” point is the collar.

High neckline buttoned illusion back

6. Diamante Bead Illusion Back

The dress has earned quite a lot of admirers and is one of the most sought after illusion back wedding dress. Diamante beading in the illusion back looks killer gorgeous and you will not have to compromise on the evenness because of the buttons that hold the dress underneath.

Diamante bead illusion back

In recent times it has been followed that wedding dresses with illusion backs are making a strong statement; and rightly so. Much as the intricate details on and embroideries in the front region of the dress or in the hemline, detailing of style in the back of the dress is equally important. Because it is the 360 degree look in a wedding dress comes under scrutiny.

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