6 Pre-Bridal Facials To Revitalize Your Tired Skin

Prepping up for weddings have never been easy. You have to devote entire months in the process of shopping for clothes, decorations, gifts and what not. In middle of these, yes there are those serious discussions and blown out arguments you need to have with your loved ones to get your point across. Lets just not forget to acknowledge the kind of negotiations and bargaining you have to indulge in order to rope in services that abide by your budget. Now that your wedding days are just weeks away, the best suggestion would be to easy on yourself, give yourself a break for an hour or two to pamper your anxious nerves to the best pre-bridal facials. This is all but a meager compensation for your sinful act of taking your skin for granted and letting the toll catch on to it.

Here Are The 6 Pre-Bridal Facials To Revitalize Your Tired Skin:

1. Casmara Facial:

A facial with healthy ingredients like wheat, soya and oats, it is a solid lubricating gel with algae extracts that can restore glow to normal and dry skin tones. The effects of Casmara facial lingers for three days and hence if you are a daredevil of sorts putting this as a last minute resort, then you would certainly not be disappointed. On blistering hot summers, just an hour spent on this facial is well enough to endow you with a cooling effect to get you through, well life.

Casmara Facial

2. A Regular Face Treatment:

This facial is loyal to death to any skin types and involves a sing-song process of double cleansing, exfoliation, massage and hydration. If you are beating yourself to death about the pinched pale color your skin has started to yield to, then all you need is the vitamins that this facial gives you to resuscitate your sleeping skin cells into action.

A Regular Face Treatment

3. Organic Facial:

Organic and fruit facials are known for removing those stubborn dark circles and showing gratifying mercy to your puffy eyes. The most popular organic facial would doubtless be the crushed products of Eminence, a notable Hungarian brand. Do you want to feel the succulent pulp and the whiff of herbal seeds scrubbing your face for an whole hour? And all this with your eyes closed and your mind tuned in some daydream of yours? Then, this is the perfect answer for a person of the likes of you who yearns for not only a quality skin but quality time as well!

Organic Facial

4. Sea Pearl Facial:

Now here is a facial catered to a bride with oily skin issues. Sourced from the mystique depths of the ocean, this facial is no longer a mystery as it does what you desire – it lessens the pressure on your wrinkles and makes your skin supple. If you are not a fan of tan, then this facial goes a long way in removing the same.

Sea Pearl Facial

5. Oxygen Facial:

So you have been a victim of the unloved side effects of facials like an itchy skin or unforeseen rashes that you have completely sworn off it? Then here is this facial to reassure you once again is that all your skin cells need is enough oxygenated blood to function optimally after its exposure to the cruel pollutant loaded air of a sprawling urban city and not the application of even more dangerous chemicals . You can apply make-up to your face as soon as you are done with the treatment, quite unlike other facials. With almost no side-effects, its no wonder that few of our wise celebrities have given Botox a miss for a regular oxygen facial. Not only is it less expensive than the former, it as well be a suitable contender for working on your wrinkles every now and then.

Oxygen Facial

6. LED Light Therapy Facial:

For those that want your acne to leave the face of the earth without, well a reminder (a scar), the LED light therapy helps in treating the same bacteria responsible for the breakout to redundancy. Its not like those scary medical procedures that you might think of right now, it is completely painless and does not generate any heat. Be it blackheads, brown spots or that embarrassing facial redness, it goes a long way in eliminating them.

LED Light Therapy Facial

Owing to the fact that the first four facials are in their heyday you can benefit from their services almost in any salon. You just have to be careful about the kind of salon you would want to opt for the last two facial treatments as they are slightly complex in nature and need expert supervision. In any case you are smitten by either the oxygen facial or the LED light therapy, then begin at least 6 months prior to your wedding so that their effects would be visibly noticeable.

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