6 Quick Makeup Fixes For A Bride

It is the inherent aspiration for every girl to get the appearance of the fashion diva. It is to accomplish this objective that you will try your best to get the most ravishing look, for which you inevitably require applying makeup. The bridal makeup has to be tastefully gorgeous. However, you often had seen women struggling with the inappropriate makeup and they keep looking for the quick fix to those instances. Hence, it makes sense to discuss about some of the probable tips that will enable you to fix the improper bridal makeup instantly.

Here Are The 6 Quick Makeup Fixes For A Bride:

1. Over Eye Makeup

In order to make the eyes more expressive and impressive, you would certainly apply good deal of under-eye makeup. However, you need to be very careful as, the slightest of the over-doing in this regard, will give an appearance of the Raccoon. Jokes Apart!! You should, apply the liner for a single coat, just under the waterline. It will be wise to go for the waterproof eyeliners as it prevents the smudging.

Over Eye Makeup

2. Mismatched Foundation

In order to get the appearance of the fairy-queen, you inevitably need the foundation. However, it is a common problem for the brides with darker skin tones is getting the perfect foundation color. Even if you opt for the natural shades like beige, there are possibilities that will emerge a mismatch and if it happens, the entire makeup goes for the toss. As prevention is always better than to cure, you should buy the foundation after giving a test of the suitability of the shade with your skin tone.

Mismatched Foundation

3. Clumped Mascara

Though, applying the mascara is a difficult ball game, still it is doable. The mascara gets clumped either for the choice of the wrong brush or, improper application style. To avoid the instances of the clumped mascara, that is a severe peril on your bridal appearance, you should apply the mascara layer after layer. You need to wipe off the extra mascara from the wand and start applying the mascara from in-between the lashes, moving towards the tips.

Clumped Mascara

4. Forgot the Powder

In instances you have applied any makeup to your face, it is crucially important to give the finishing touch with the face powder. If you ever forget to apply those finishing touches, the makeup will keep mixing with the skin and it will bring an unwanted shinny appearance that happens to the accumulation of the excess oil. You can wipe the face using tissue or blotting sheets as a quick fix. However, it is solicited that that you ensure the last patch up with face powder and have some reserve in your bridal clutch so that you can offer the fix as and when needed.

Forgot the Powder

5. Loud Makeup

Getting crazy with the ambition to have a glorious bridal appearance, there are chances that you get carried away and end up applying excessive makeup. These instances will detrimentally affect your bridal appearance.Remember, you need to have a natural look that will actually make you appear gorgeous and stylish. Bridal makeup has to uphold your personality and it should accentuate your beauty on the whole. Hence, be minimalist on the initiatives to glorify the physical features individually and give a holistic attention on beautifying your overall appearance.

Loud Makeup

6. Ignored the Shoulder and Neck

A very commonly committed makeup mistake for the brides is that they tend to bring parity between the tones of their faces, shoulders and necks. Leaving the shoulder and necks from the application of the makeup is a suicidal attempt that you can commit. Hence, never ever forget to pull down the foundation on the shoulders and the neck.

Ignored the Shoulder and Neck

The bride is the lead protagonist to the wedding ceremony and hence, as the bride you need to be very careful with your makeup. As it is always wise to prevent than cure, put the makeup wisely and always adapt with a sober and decent taste.

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