6 Simple Makeup Tips For Brides With Freckles

6 Simple Makeup Tips For Brides With Freckles

There was a time when freckles were considered an ultimate accessory for a more natural look, but the heavy makeup ideas of the 80s and 90s made freckled skin an offense you need to cover up. However, the truth is that freckles are more youthful and beautiful, making you look unique and special.

So, why conceal them to make a false impression of flawless skin. Just flaunt the natural beauty of your skin with the right make up ideas to enhance your look. Even on your wedding day, you can look beautiful, radiant, sexy and sassy with your freckles. All you need is to choose the right product and make up technique. Here are a few ideas to inspire the brides with freckles.

Below Are The Makeup Ideas For Brides With Freckles:

1. Play With Pink

Pink is soft, sweet, more feminine and youthful. As it is the special day in your life, you must look the best. To look gorgeous, opt for shades of pink, pop a pink or rose color on your lips, and a light pink-champagne shadow or a shimmery brown shadow, line the lashes with black eyeliner, highlight the lashes with mascara and finish the look with a light pink blush on your cheeks very much sweet and bridal you would look.

Play with Pink

2. Play With Your Eyes

A bare face with a dramatic eye makeup is so lovely, especially on the big day when you have all eyes are watching you. Go for a striking 60s inspired cat eye with a soft color or nude lips. Simple foundation and cream complexion is sufficient to do the job. You can also go for a smokey eye makeup. Smudge your favorite brown liner on the bottom and top lash line, which gives you a great look and you are all set for the big day.

Play with Your Eyes

3. Bold Lips

Coral lip color is something that best complement s the sun kissed sprinkles on the face. A powerful red or coral lipstick with a gloss coat creates a statement look. A peach blush over your cheek with minimal eye makeup will make you look like a diva grabbing all attention on the big-day.

Bold Lips

4. Magical Lashes

If you are someone who loves to go bare face without any hint of makeup and look cool on the special day, then wearing false lashes is something that you can consider. False lashes will make the eyes look alert and attractive. Long and fuller lashes will make you look gorgeous and confident even without the basic eye makeup.

Magical Lashes

5. Dewy Skin

A neutral look with a glowing, luminous skin would take your beauty to the next level, especially when you have freckles. Apply an illuminating base to make the skin glow naturally from the inside and keep the rest of the features, the eyes and the lips neutral to create a more natural look. You can also use a face illuminator on the cheek, chin, tip of the nose and above the brows to create a similar skin glowing look.

Dewy Skin

6. Head And Shoulders

Freckles are beautiful and unique. Besides your face, if you have freckles on your arms and shoulders too, don’t hesitate to show them off! Go for a strapless dress and choose a soft hair updo. Apply a light highlighter or bronzer on the collar bones to get a polished and a chic finish and you are all set for the big day.

Head and Shoulders

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