6 Ways To Add Glamour To Your Wedding Outfit

It is always exciting to fulfil as many of your dreams as you can and your wedding day is yet another one of those days where you can shape up your dreams to have the perfect day. On this day, you want to look unique and add glamour to your dress so that the dress itself celebrates your day. Here are some ways to glam up your wedding outfit.

Here Are The 6 Ways To Add Glamour To Your Wedding Outfit:

1. Sequins

Sequins are one of the ideal details for the bride who wants to add a little sparkle to her gown and have that elegant shine in the white monotony. To make sure that your sequins do not overshadow your gown, create a subtle shine by using smaller and lighter coloured sequins. You could even choose larger and shinier sequins to make a statement. To mellow the shine of these sequins. Do not put it on the outer layer, but on the layer below it. This will mellow the effect and also keep your sequins in place without the fear of them falling out. This addition is perfect for the dazzling personality.


2. Hint Of Colour

It has been one of the hottest trends since 2014 to break away with traditional white gown. If you do not want your gown to be completely white and be the bride who likes to make her own rules, you could always add a splash of colour. This also works for the bride who does not like too many accessories and would still like to have a look different from the rest. You could embrace the trend of a full light blush coloured wedding gown or even go with pastel sombre gown to break from the colour trend and even if you do not like pink. You could also add just a hint of colour to the bottom, if you are having a beach side wedding, a hint of blue would be just perfect to go with the setting.

Hint Of Colour

3. Intricate Back

Another one of the trends has been to go backless or have most of your back covered with a thick and translucent net material and have an intricate design on it. You could add buttons, beads, sequins, ribbon, or lace to add glamour to your wedding gown. You could use any of these small decoration elements to create an absolutely stunning and detailed work on the back of your dress. You could even use the glamorous stone buttons to have a line of buttons down your back. The use of sequins and buttons and beads would create a more glamorous look along with a bit of a shine. If you do not want the shine, you could use a lace detail on your back to create an elegant and gorgeous look.

Intricate Back

4. Corset Lacing

A corset bodice creates a gorgeous vintage look for you to wear on your special day. With the lace-up back to your corset, you can add a lace of any colour of your choosing. You could even fulfil the requirement of something old, blue and borrowed by borrowing a pretty blues sash to tie up your corset. You could tie the sash in pretty bows or knots or choose to go with the classic corset look.

Corset Lacing

5. Pearls

Pearls are the ultimate classic and feminine detail. They add a subtle yet beautiful addition that adds a sense of romanticism and also add the perfect vintage detail in your wedding dress. You could choose to go with a pearl-encrusted bodice or a simple pearl lining. You could add a three strands of pearl around your waist, opening out as it comes down from a side. If you have a backless dress with no work at the back, hang a few pearl strings to add some glamour to your dress.


6. Gloves

This is a truly vintage detail to add glamour to your bridal look. Add a hint of old Hollywood glamour with satin or lace gloves, and give it a modern twist by keeping your fingers free by tying it around your wrist and having it go up to your middle finger only and secure it with a ring.


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