6 Wedding Jewelry Ideas For A Boho Bride

Wedding Jewelry Ideas For A Boho Bride

Having chosen the wedding dress, the next important thing that most brides would be stressed about is the matching jewelry. Choosing the right jewelry is quite important. The jewelry should complement the dress, reflect your personality and enhance the bridal look to a different level. Especially, when you are going for a boho style wedding, the jewelry options are many. To look trendy, chic and stylish, here are a few jewelry ideas you can consider.

Below Are The Bohemian Wedding Jewelry:

1. Necklace

A necklace is a beautiful ornament to complement the bridal look. Especially, when you are wearing a sweetheart neck line or a strapless gown or a traditional dress with a deep V neckline, a necklace would be perfect to make you look more traditional and stylish. Though there are different types of necklaces to enhance the look of the bride, the one for a boho bride is something different from the ordinary. To set a trend and look chic, go for a shoulder necklace or floral ones. Even the multi strand pearl necklaces or an antique silver tone tribal necklace would be a great option to make a statement.


2. Head Accessories

Bridal head accessories are getting more popular with every season, especially when you are going for a boho look, a cool head accessory is a crucial element to complete the look. Though a floral headpiece is common in boho weddings, the trend is shifting towards bejeweled brow bands, hair vines, side tiaras, cascading headpieces alternative for veils, etc. These accessories are perfect for a boho bride and add a naturalistic beauty to the attire.

Head Accessories

3. Arm Chain

Why wear the usual bracelet to look classy when you have the liberty to look funky, frisky and sassy with the unusual armlets and cuff bracelets to look hippie on your wedding day. The silver or copper toned, bejeweled arm chains and crystal-pearl floral design inspired bracelets will complement the casual look of the bride and make your wedding day look the most remembered one.

Arm Chain

4. Foot Jewelry

Foot jewelry can be eye catching, especially when you have a beach wedding. The gypsy foot jewelry is something that adds a spark to the look when you walk on the sand. Crochet barefoot sandals, silver or gold toned barefoot sandals, stylish rhinestone barefoot sandals, ankle bracelets and sparkling ankle chains all will look chic and elegant.

Foot Jewelry

5. Earrings

Show off your style with a trendy chandelier earring or a simple floral stud embedded with crystals and pearls to look simple, cool and hippie.  Flower and leaf designs are more popular among boho bides. Tribal designs are also gaining popularity for their unique designs. Even earrings made of shells and feathers would look chic for a beach wedding.


6. Alternative Boho Wedding Jewelry

Versatile, easy to apply and glamorous transfer tattoos is a growing fashion trend. If you are looking for a unique accessory for the big day, then a transfer tattoo would be an ideal choice. You can choose from beautiful metallic collection and these days, plenty of Bohemian Tattoos in white collection have been released that everyone is in love with. The striking feminine designs are sure to exude the elegance of a boho bride. You can choose from the irresistible arm cuffs and lace inspired anklets to intricate statement pieces. The Bohemian Tats could be worn on any body part and any way you would prefer. All you need to do is choose the design and apply with water. These transfer tattoos are waterproof and lasts for about 5 days.

Alternative Boho Wedding Jewelry

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