7 Amazing Masquerade Wedding Theme Ideas

A masquerade wedding theme is fun and cool, but a bit difficult to organize. The intrigue, romance and mystery associated with it make it all the more interesting. If you plan properly and get things in place, your wedding will become such an original and most remembered one. This mystical theme is definitely an elegant option and looks amazing. Not necessarily you have to go for bold and huge decors, even with the minimal and small details, you can make your masquerade themed wedding a super hit. Not convinced? Here are a few simple ideas that will add special flavors to your masquerade theme party and make it rocking.

Masquerade Wedding Theme Ideas:

1. Mask For Bride

A soft, stylish mask embellished with feathers, crystals, and patterns and attached to a stick is a popular style for brides. The reason for its popularity is the freedom to hold it on and off and its noninterference with your makeup. Moreover, they look stylish and classy. Another option is choosing a hands-free mask that matches the dress. These days, dark colored masks are also gaining popularity. Black and Gold is a striking combo that is perfect for masquerade theme.

Mask For Bride

2. Mask For Groom

A masculine, rustic, dark colored, less decorated, mystifying mask is most preferred by grooms. Though there are many designs and style of masks, the mask that compliments that of the bride’s will make you look cool.  From metallic to harlequin patterned, all will look good.

Mask For Groom

3. Table Settings

Dark, moody shades would look mystic and so much in theme. Moody floral arrangements as centerpiece combined with candles and dark colored serving dishes would be impactful. Bold and gold combination, black, gold and white would also look great. Grey, burgundy, brown, navy, dark green all will look good for the theme. Addition of feathers, mask, glitters, beads and lace decor will enhance the table setting.

Table Settings

4. Wedding Cake

A fantastic multi-tier cake decorated with crystal beads or flowers or delicate patterns and topped with a beautiful mask to match theme will be awesome. Cakes and decors that match the color scheme of the weeding will be impressive. The combination of dark and white shades will make the cake more interesting.

Wedding Cake

5. Bridal Bouquet

A hand tied floral bouquet made using dark colored, almost black zantedeschia or burgundy rose would look fantastic. Black and white flowers with silver brooch will look elegant too. A mix of a variety of dark colored flowers combined with bluish grey foliage will look amazing and so much in theme. Add a golden or white pumpkin and a few feathers to the bouquet to make it distinctive.

Bridal Bouquet

6. Masquerade Wedding Outfits

There are several options when it comes to masquerade wedding outfits. If you like something quirky and offbeat then pair your outfits with creative and crazy masks that will help you make a dramatic entry. If you prefer a romantic and elegant look then choose outfits with clean lines and billowy and soft fabrics. Lacy floor-length gowns and tailored suits in hues of grey, cream and brown are perfect for a retro and chic masquerade wedding theme.

Masquerade Wedding Outfits

7. Decor

Pink and gold are the most romantic colors for masquerade themes. The soft and delicate shade of pink enhances the appeal of the metallic sparkle of golden accents. You can include a lot of soft lighting in the décor in the form of fairy lights and candles. Floral arrangements of pink and white will keep the entire décor subtle and beautiful.


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