7 Amazing Resorts In Pattaya For Your Honeymoon

Pattaya is one of the most commonly visited places by honeymooners. It has a great lifestyle and is full of energy. Pattaya is a beach island in Thailand and is a well- known place for its amazing vibes and a great lifestyle. If you are night person and your partner also loves nightlife then you will definitely love Pattaya. This place has a lot to offer to all. There are a number of places you can stay in Pattaya while on your honeymoon. It has some great properties in resort s which will give you a great view and feel. Some of the amazing resorts where you can stay during your honeymoon in Pattaya have been mentioned and discussed below.

Here Are The 7 Amazing Resorts In Pattaya For Your Honeymoon:

1. Marriott Hotel Spa

One of the best places to stay for your honeymoon in Pattaya is Mariot Hotel Spa. It is located centrally and quite close to the main area of the nightlife. It is also very close to one of the best known beaches of the city and you can enjoy some amazing water sport activities. Marriott is a five star accommodation which is a perfect place for the honeymooning couple.

Visit Marriott Hotel Spa

Marriott Hotel Spa

2. Siam Bayshore Resort

This resort is a must stay for a couple coming for honeymoon to Pattaya. As soon as you enter this amazing resort, you will not want to leave it at all. It has a great view to the beach and is a few minutes of walk to the nightlife area. It has amazing rooms where you can relax and completely chill out with your partner.

Visit Siam Bayshore Resort

Siam Bayshore Resort

3. Zign Hotel

Zign hotel in Pattaya will leave you completely mesmerized with its view and beauty. As a honeymooning couple you will love what this amazing resort will offer. You will dread leaving this wonderful place. It is right next to a private beach and has an overwhelming swimming pool. This place is all about being romantic and having lots of romance with your lovely partner.

Visit Zign Hotel

Zign Hotel

4. Cape Dara Resort

Cape Dara resort is located along the exotic Pattaya beach. It has a great view and amazing rooms. The resort also has an amazing outdoor pool which has a great view. It will make your stay memorable in Pattaya. It is one of the best resorts for honeymooners with some amazing and romantic views and places.

Visit Cape Dara Resort

Cape Dara Resort

5. Dusit Thani Hotel

The Dusit Thani Hotel is one of the most well- known Thai run resorts in the country. It has its own private beach and an exotic swimming pool. It is a perfect place for a romantic honeymoon. To add to all these it has great rooms perfectly designed for the new lovebirds. It is a great option for your stay in Pattaya for your honeymoon.

Visit Dusit Thani Hotel

Dusit Thani Hotel

6. Cantara Grand Mirage Beach Resort

The Cantara Grand Mirage resort is one of the most amazing places to stay for your honeymoon in Pattaya. It has a spectacular view overlooking the beach and is simply breataking. You can enjoy at the hotel or go for romantic walks on the beach. It is one of the best places to be in when in Pattaya.

Visit Cantara Grand Mirage Beach Resort

Cantara Grand Mirage Beach Resort

7. Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn resorts are famous and well- known. You can spend your honeymoon in this lovely place in Pattaya as it has an extremely fresh look with a great ambience. It is a very romantic and relaxing place to be in.

Visit Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn

These are a few amazing places to be in while spending your honeymoon in Pattaya.

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