7 Balloon Decor Ideas For Weddings

Balloons are one of the best ways to decorate a wedding venue. Balloons are one of the few decorative products which one can use for all occasions which are happy and auspicious. Balloons are available in wide varieties and styles. One can have their choice and type of balloons handpicked from the market. The look of the wedding venue will definitely be enhanced once decorated with balloons. You can do the decoration in numerous ways and styles by using a lot of balloons or just a number of them. Some of the decoration ideas for wedding using balloons have been mentioned below.

Here Are The 7 Balloon Decor Ideas For Weddings:

1. At The Entrance

It is always nice to have a grand and beautiful entrance to the wedding venue. You can have a nice entrance with balloons by making a gate or enhancing the look of the entrance gate. A combination of two colours of balloons or three looks the best. An extremely colourful entrance will not please the eyes. This is a great way to decorate the wedding venue entrance with balloons.

At the entrance

2. On The Table

If you do not want the wedding venue with too many balloons, a single balloon or a couple of them can be placed on the table of the guests. These are not very decorative but definitely look simple and nice. These also look very elegant and appealing. Though they are not too elaborate decorations they look great.

On the table

3. Hanging Balloons

These are one of the most commonly found decorations done from balloons. A bunch of two to three balloons can be made and hanged from the ceiling using ribbons or threads. These are pretty common and simple. To make the hanging balloon decor look slightly different one can opt for single balloon hanging. Instead of making a bunch of two to three balloons suspend single balloons. They look gar more attractive and nice.

Hanging balloons

4. At The Altar

Decorating the wedding altar is very important. You can emphasize the altar by decorating it with balloons. These are a nice way to decorate the venue. A small entrance like decor can be done at the altar or few balloons can be left on the floor.

At the altar

5. On The Pillars

Wedding venues usually have pillars. In case your venue doesn’t have pillars, you can get the artificial ones made at reasonable distance and decorate the same using balloons. In fact, you can have pillars just made of balloons. These look extremely nice. These are simple and stylish decorations. The balloons can be placed on the pillars in various different ways.

On the pillars

6. Personalized Balloons

The wedding venue can be decorated with personalized balloons. Personalized things are very much in fashion these days. So, you can’t follow the trend and get a few personalized balloons printed and use them to decorate the wedding venue.

Personalized balloons

7. Heart Balloons

Weddings are an occasion to celebrate love. So, it will be a great idea to decorate the wedding venue using heart shaped balloons. The best combination will be red and white balloons. These are an all time favourite and definitely enhance the look of any place. You can make a bunch of three of these balloons or may be two of them, tie them using a bow or a ribbon and then decorate the wedding venue. It will look very pretty, a perfect blend of colours.

Heart balloons

These are a few ways to decorate the wedding venue using balloons. Always remember balloons can be used and placed in numerous ways using your ideas and creativity.

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