7 Best Beaches In Asia For A Wedding

In the busy and fast moving lives of everyone, weddings are one of the few occasions which bring the entire family together. Friends and family from all over the world gather for a wedding. They celebrate, rejoice and make some great memories till the next timethey meet. One of the best weddings is the beach weddings. The scenic beauty is great and there are various other activities which one can do at the beach. Beach weddings are a lot of fun and have various other perks.

You can make some interesting plans and implement the same. In fact, theme parties, water sports and various other things can be planned to make a beach wedding a lot of fun. There are a number of beautiful beaches which are present all around the world. There are a number of beautiful and scenic beaches in Asia. You can opt for various beaches in Asia for a wedding.

Some Of The Beaches Which Are The Best In Asia Have Been Mentioned Below

1. Phuket

Phuket is an island in Thailand. It is located in the Andaman Sea which crystal clear beaches and amazing scenic beauty. A beach wedding in Phuket is a great idea as is has amazing views and various other activities which include a number of water sports as well. Amazing sea food is also available. It has an amazing night life and the place is always full of joy.it is a great beach destination to plan your wedding in.


2. Bali

An island in Indonesia, Bali, has a picturesque view. An island with clear blue waters and great coral reef, Bali is one destination where you can have a grand beach wedding. The place has amazing villas which provide grand treatment. It is also a place which has various religious places to visit as well. Bali will definitely be worth the money you spend for a beach wedding.


3. Boracay

Boracay is a small island in Philippines. It is a perfect location for a small and private beach wedding. Boracay is a small island so you will not be disturbed by a lot of people. It is amazing place with clear water at the beaches and white sand all around. It is a place to have the most relaxed beach wedding in.


4. Kophangan

Kophangan is an island in southeast Thailand. It is very famous for its Full Moon party. The island has an amazing night life and its beach is worth a see. The beach has water which can be seen through. It has lovely beach bungalows along the beach. You and your guests can stay in those bungalows and have immense fun and enjoyment at the beach.


5. Lombok

A secluded and absolutely deserted island in Krabi, Lombok will be a perfect location for a private wedding ceremony. It is a perfect location if you want to have a quite wedding with just your near and dear ones. The island is lesser known among various other islands and beaches in Asia but has a beauty compared to none. It is surrounded by water on all sides and is simply a treat to your eyes. It will be a great location if you want to relax and have a quiet wedding ceremony.


6. Bentota

Bentota is a coastal town located in Galle District, Srilanka. A treat to every nature lover, this town has beautiful beaches and well made resorts to enhance and complement the natural beauty of this coastal region. If you see the aerial view of this coastal region you will feel nothing close to paradise and once on land, this will definitely not disappoint you. Bentota has various other attractions which will definitely entertain your guests. So, you can choose this location for your wedding in the beach as well. Great deals are also available for weddings.


7. Phu Qouc

Phu Quoc is an extremely interesting island in Asia. It is a Vietnamese island located off the coast of Cambodia. If you are adventurous you can definitely have this place in your list for wedding venue. Most of the beaches here are surrounded with national parks, jungles, mountains and forests. Hiking, wildlife spotting, motor biking and various water sports are activities which are common in this area. You and your guests will have a number of activities to keep you engaged and busy. You can definitely finalise this place for a beach wedding if the activities attract and interest you.

Phu Qouc

These are a few amazing islands and beach locations if you want to have a beach wedding in Asia. These beaches are great for viewing natural beauty and pleasing your eyes with the great view. You will definitely never have even of them. Make sure you click great pictures for your wedding and capture everything possible.

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