7 Best Ways To Highlight Your Eyes As A Bride

Weddings are one of the occasions which are known for various emotions on a particular day, especially for the bride. These emotions may not be always expressed by speaking. In most of the cases the eyes does all the talking for a bride. Eyes are the most expressive parts of our body. They speak a lot of unspoken words. It is very important for the eyes of the bride to be expressive. It is important for the eyes of the bride to be well highlighted, such that, they enhance the look of the bride. It is very important for bride to get her eyes right, as it can enhance the look of the bride or ruin it completely. It becomes very important for the bride to go for a couple of trials before her wedding day. She shall opt for the look which looks very good on her. It shall complement her eyes. There are numerous ways in which a bride can highlight her eyes.

Some Of The Ways Of Highlighting The Eyes Have Been Mentioned Below:

1. Using Shimmer For The Eye Shadow

Shimmer is the best way to highlight your eyes. Using shimmer gives your eyes a completely new look. It makes your eyes look extremely appealing and glamourous. Shimmer can be used as an eye shadow. Shimmery eye shadows make the eyes look very attractive and glamourous. It is slightly bold for a bride as well. So, if you want to be a glamourous bride do opt for shimmer for your eyes and surprise everyone.

Using shimmer for the eye shadow

2. Golden Eye Shadow

Golden eye shadow is one of the best as they go with most colours. They are not too loud neither to dull. A perfect mix required for keeping your eyes not too loud or too dull. You can add a smoky touch to the golden eye shadows to make them look catchier. Shades of black or brown eye shadows can be used to give the eyes a smoky look and enhancing it further.

Golden eye shadow

3. Retro Look

A retro look is the one which reminds of the past. A retro look to enhance your eyes as brides refers to how women used to enhance their eyes in the past. The retro look is back in fashion and you can most definitely opt to be a fashionable bride with your eyes. A trademark look which was followed earlier for the eyes is the winged eye liner. You can further enhance the look of your eyes by using brown or a neutral or light eye shadow colour to make your eyes look larger. This is a very fashionable look.

Retro look

4. Smokey Eyes

Smokey eyes are the most fashionable look for the eyes at present. It looks great with dresses and gowns. It is done using the dark eye shadow colours like black, grey and taupe. By opting for this look your eyes are sure to stand out. Do not forget to put on an eye liner with this look. The eye line completes the smokey eye look. You will definitely look a bold and beautiful bride with the smokey eyes.

Smokey eyes

5. Colourful Eyes

Colourful eyes are a great way to add colour and make your eyes look enchanting. You shall use bright colours like blue, yellow, purple, green, gold for a vibrant and colourful look. Many brides are not too comfortable sporting this look. So, you can be different and standout as a bride. This will draw attention and often leave people mesmerized with colours on your eyes. Be a confident bride and opt for bright and colourful eyes to enhance the look.

Colourful eyes

6. Silver Look

The silver look for your eyes is one of my most favourite look. Many people say that golden eyes look the best and no other eye shadow can give that look. I feel otherwise, if your eyes have been highlighted and enhanced well with silver eye shadows nothing else can make your eyes look more elegant and classy. Opt for this look if you want to opt for a simple, subtle and elegant look as a bride.

Silver look

7. Natural Look

A natural look is the best as it makes you look far more expressive than any make up can make you look. A natural look involves using nude or skin colour eye shadows. It gives a look of no makeup at all. It is simple, elegant and a beautiful look.

Natural look

These are a few ways in which a bride can highlight her eyes. The bride can use eye shadows of the same colour under the eyes as well. This will look nice. You may also use coloured eyelashes to enhance the look of your eyes further. It is very important to be comfortable as a bride, so opt for a look that suits you or looks the best.

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