7 Bridal Foot Jewelry For Beach Weddings

Bridal Foot Jewelry For Beach Weddings

Choosing bridal jewelry to complement the bridal wear is very exciting, but stressful at the same time. You can choose your neckpiece, head accessories, arm chains, bracelets and earrings easily, but choosing foot jewelry, that too when you have a beach wedding is a bit difficult. Thanks to the fashion world they have come up with interesting foot jewelry that would be perfect to glam up your foot and walk comfortably on sand in style on the big day. Want to know what they look like? Then read on.

Below Are The Bridal Foot Jewelry for Beach Weddings:

1. Crochet Barefoot Jewelry

Nude sandals made of soft cotton threads will be a perfect foot accessory to put your foot forward in style on the special day. The knitted foot jewelry is something new, trendy and most comfortable. Though the white colored crochet nude sandals look simple, traditional and classic, the multi-colored and embellished ones are unconventional and chic.

Crochet Barefoot Jewelry

2. Crystal Nude Sandals

The barefoot sandals embellished with crystals and pearls will make your feet pretty and sparkling as you walk down the aisle on the big day. Whether you go for a simple design or a heavy floral design decorated with crystals and rhinestones, the sparkle it creates will add a finishing touch to your look making it more sophisticated.

Crystal Nude Sandals

3. Beaded Jewelry

Planning for a princess look on your wedding day? Decided on all accessories that would complete your look except for the footwear? Choosing footwear is a big task especially when you have a beach wedding. However, don’t worry the beaded or pearl barefoot sandals will be a perfect accessory to doll up your feet on the D-day. They will look stunning under your wedding dress and will make you look complete like an oceanic princess.

Beaded Jewelry

4. Shell Barefoot Sandals

As it is a beach wedding, if you want to go for a nautical look, then accessories that go with the theme would be great. When it comes to foot, why not wear a nude sandal with star fish, shells, beads and burlap. They will be quirky, fresh and rustic enough to make a fashion statement on your wedding day.

Shell Barefoot Sandals

5. Ankle Chain

Ankle chains or ankle bracelets are one of the major accessory trends in the fashion world today. It is considered a favorite piece of jewelry among the free spirited brides even today. So, why not adorn your feet with this charming jewelry to express yourself. A plethora of designs from simple charm anklet to heavily designed antique and tribal ones to contemporary floral designs are available to style your feet. This is a perfect accessory for brides, who are planning a beach wedding. You can make the whole thing bohemian by adding funky nail colors and tattoos.

Ankle Chain

6. Rhinestone And Pearls

This is definitely one of the favorite bridal foot accessories. The exquisite and delicately crafted piece with rhinestone starfish, silver spacers, rhinestone accents and pearls go well with the beach bridal gown.  This is an elegant and stylish way to accessorize the bridal feet.

Rhinestone And Pearls

7. Lace Ivory Barefoot Sandals

This unique and unusual accessory is perfect for destination weddings. The beautiful ivory barefoot sandals are made using delicate lace and it is embellished with sparking sequins. This amazingly beautiful foot jewelry is a comfortable and unusual alternative to high heels and looks great on bridal feet. This lacy barefoot sandal is a combination of glam and class and perfect to walk down the sandy aisle.

Lace Ivory Barefoot Sandals

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