7 Easy Wedding Hairstyles For Little Girls

Gone are the days when styling and dressing up was all for the grown-ups. In the bright cheerful wedding season when everyone loves to dress up, why leave the kiddos behind? Little girls especially love to follow their moms and dress up and dazzle like them. In addition to cute, pretty little dresses, some simple hairstyles are an absolute must to complete the perfect look of your little one. You don’t need to put in a lot of efforts for these hairstyles, they can be simple braids or ponytails or little buns. Let us have a look at 7 super easy pretty hairdos for your little girl to dazzle during this wedding season.

1. Side Twists

This one works for everyone, a simple yet beautiful hairstyle. You need to mid-part the hair and pull out two mid-sized partitions from both the sides and gently twist them and tie together at the back of the head. For girls with longer hair you can repeat these steps multiple times. For an added glam, you could add some beads, flowers or hair embellishments to this hairstyle.

Side Twists

2. Braided Flower Crown

Braids have made their due comeback and work excellently for wedding hairstyles. For styling your little girl, start making a braid from one side of the head and continue all along the back of the head till the other side so as to make a crown. Add some flower to give it an appearance of a flower crown.

Braided Flower Crown

3. One Sided Ponytail

Neatly tie the hair into a one sided ponytail, with or without additional braids. For the wedding season you can use a nice big bow to tie the ponytail or add a flower to enhance the look of a simple one sided ponytail. You can also make a side plait in the same way instead of a ponytail.

One Sided Ponytail

4. Upside Down Fish Plait

Start by making a simple fish plait and once you reach the end turn the plaited hair and pin it on the top to make a bun. You can add some flowers or beads to enhance the look.

Upside Down Fish Plait

5. Roll Bun

This is a simple hairstyle for little girls with mid-size hair. Pull the hair back and start rolling from the end upwards so as to make a horizontal roll bun. Secure it using bobby pins and enhance it further using matching bow or flowers.

Roll Bun

6. High Bun With A Tiara

One of the simplest and easy to carry hairdo for little girls is the basic hair bun. You can either secure a high bun or a low bun as per the hair length and fix it using bobby pins and U-pins. This look can be enhanced in many ways; you can either use a satin band or a tiara or some flowers. Choose the suitable option based on the event.

High Bun With A Tiara

7. Heart Braids

This hairstyle needs little bit of practice and lot of patience from your little one. Start making a braid from bottom of one side of the head towards the top and turning at the mid and repeating the process so as to make a heart shape at the back of the head. The trick here is to master the art of braiding and just follow your heart while braiding it. You can tie the hair down once the braid is complete. Beautify this look using small glittery beads or flowers.

Heart Braids

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