7 Engagement Dresses Trends Of 2016

Are you planning for your big day? You must be busy to choose the various itineraries for the special day of your life. The best engagement theme, the bridal shower, invitations list, delicious food, the engagement dress, shoes, accessories, you want all these things to be perfect. But the most essential thing for a woman is the engagement dress. Most of the girls want to be the gorgeous princess. It is the dream of their childhood when we love to play with the dolls. Days are gone but the dreams and wish list are still waiting to be fulfilled. So the engagement dress should be beautiful with exceptional design.

Here You Will Find Few Awesome Engagement Dress Designs:

1. The Veils On The Body Trend

The days of classic engagement dress is gone. Now dresses are designed in new concept. It is not necessary that you should wear your veils on the head. Rather you can wear it on your back. The concept is new and it looks awesome. The veil can be pleat on the waistline of the dress. You can also tuck it on your shoulder of the dress. The position of the veil will depends on the dress.

The Veils on the Body Trend

2. Capes Trend

Capes are similar to the veil but it is not that much of thin. Mainly veil is made of soft, thin and delicate cloths. But capes are made of dress material. Women wear it for a superhero kind of feelings. It is also comes from the shoulder of the engagement dress. In these days many women prefer this design.

Capes Trend

3. Feathers Trend

Have you bored to see same kind of engagement dresses? Well, why not you just try feathers touch in your engagement dress. These dresses are made of tangible, soft and fluttery feathers. These feathers are attached with the sleeves, on the skirts, on the length of the dress. Feathers provide an extraordinary look to these dresses. Many fashion designers like Vera Wang, Alon Livne, and Naeem Khan came with this unique idea in their design.

Feathers Trend

4. Off- The Shoulder Trend

This design got its rebirth in the fashion trends. The classic ball dance gowns are made of satin. It matches with the body shape and the area of the end of the gown spreads. But the dress starts from off the shoulder. These dresses look awesome and it will definitely make your look beautiful.

Off- the Shoulder Trend

5. Cap Sleeves Trend

It is a common design but sometimes it gives you different look. You can wear cap sleeve in your big day. It comes with short as well as long dresses. It looks good with net designer cloth or satin cloth or cotton cloth or in lace. This cap sleeve design means short sleeve. You can wear sparkling stone designed bangles or wristlet with this kind of dresses.

Cap Sleeves Trend

6. Super-Fluffy Trend

This trend is the all-time favourite. The area of the lower portion of the dress is super fluffy. The small floral or dotted design is everywhere in the dress, from the sleeves to the fluffy portion. This kind of engagement dress is always designed in long dresses. It gives the ultimate bridal look to the bride.

Super-Fluffy Trend

7. Slits Up Trend

Those days are gone when you are taking small steps slowly and consciously because of your tight gown. Today many women prefer to wear dresses which are slits up from the thigh and you can step comfortably.

Slits Up Trend

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