7 Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles For Black Women


Black women make beautiful brides and it’s important for every woman to look her best on her wedding day. From the dress to the accessories to the hair, all brides want everything to be perfect. Black women have radiant skin which makes them look even more beautiful in that white wedding gown.

Since most are born with natural curls, it is important to pick out the hairstyle that suits your hair best. Even for those with straight hair, you need to pick something that stands out. Whatever maybe that you want your hair to reflect – elegance, glamour or tradition – there’s a wide range of hairstyles to choose from. We’ve listed a few of the best ones below to make it easier for you to pick.

Here Are The 7 Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles For Black Women:

1. Braided Side Bun

A braided side bun is not only easy to do but also looks elegant. For this, you’ll need to know the French braid. Partition your hair on the side and take a section of hair off the larger side and start the French braid. Take three strands of hair and keep adding hair until you reach the ear. When you do reach the ear, just do a normal braid all the way down. Now, gather all your hair along with the ponytail and tie it with an elastic on the first round. For the second round, make a loop out of the hair to create a bun. Shape the bun properly and tuck in all the strands using bobby pins. After you’re done, pull on the braided part so that it doesn’t look that tight. In case you can’t manage the French braid, a normal one would do.


2. The Chignon Headband

This is probably the easiest bridal hair-do there is. All you need is a headband and a brush to look classy! It’ll only take a few minutes to make your hair look pretty. Start by combing your hair to get rid of the knots. After this, place an elastic headband on the crown of your head. You could pick a fancy one since its your wedding! Its better to secure the band with pins. Beginning from the sides, start tucking your hair into the headband. If you notice the hair falling out, tuck it in with some more pins. After you’re done with the sides, move to the back. Since you’ll have a larger portion of hair here, tuck it in over and over until you form a small bun. Lastly, pin the strands to your hair and accessorize them as you like.


3. The Twisted Halo

This is another simple bridal hair do. Begin by spraying some water on your hair, a few sprinkles, here and there. Comb through your hair since its important to get rid of the knots for this hair do. After you’re done, partition your hair to the side. Take a small section of hair from the larger side and divide it into two strands. You’re just going to be twisting these two strands throughout your head. Keep adding hair to one of the strands as you proceed downwards. Repeat this all the way to the back on to the other side. When you’re done, you’ll get a length of braid on the ending side. Take this and pin it on the other side. Make sure that none of the strands are left out when you’re done.


4. The Unicorn Braid

If you have short hair, then its an amazing choice to jump to this one. It’s a classic look and also, easy to do! It’s for all the natural haired beauties out there who are all one of a kind. Partition your hair, to the middle or the side, the way you want to. Keep it moisturized and brush to get rid of the knots. Once you’ve done this, take two strands of hair from one side, at the front and just begin twisting them all the way. Continue adding strands as you proceed downwards. Remember to stick to the edge. Stop adding strands when you reach the ear and start braiding downwards after that. You’ll get a small pigtail at the end. Repeat the same on the other side. Take the two unicorn-like pigtail horns and pin them low at the back.


5. The Twisted Pompadour

Here is a chic and bold hair do that you could pull off at your wedding. You just gotta twist your hair a little here and there and it’s done! To start off with, partition your hair into two. Not at the front, but horizontally. Pin up the part at the front as you’ll only be working on the parts at the back initially. Take the back hair and just roll it upwards. Twist it and pin it up. After this, unpin the hair at the front and divide it into sections. Take one section, twist it and cross it over to the other side and just pin it near the back roll. Do the same with the section on the other side.


6. The Dreadlock Updo

If you have dreadlocks, there are a number of updos that you could try for your hair. One way is to simply take strands from the sides of the hair and keep making knots. Do it until you have none left and tuck all the hair into a bun. Another one is to make a few knots in the beginning, braid the rest of your hair all the way down and tuck it in after that. This one is much neater. In another creative updo, you first tie up a small bun at the top of your hair. Later, take a section of your hair and braid it and roll it around the bun. Repeat until you have no strands left out.


7. French Braided Updo

The French braid radiates elegance and is perfect to be worn on any formal occasion. Doing it on an updo makes it even more classier. For this, you’ll have to divide your hair into two – the front and back parts. Pin up the front part and you can get back to it later. At the back, starting from the base, take three strands and start doing the French braid. Pin the small braid that you get at the end to the front. It might be a little difficult, but with a little practice, you’ll be able to achieve it. Now, take the front part, roll it into a small bun and pin it. If you have thick hair, you could take a section of hair, braid it and roll it around the bun. If not, you get braided long hair at stores which you could use to wrap around the bun.


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