7 Incredible Red Theme Wedding Ideas You Must Try

Red! The color one sees more often during valentines week and no surprises, the Valentine’s Day is full of red. No wonder red is the color of love. Red may be named as the best colours for the better half of the population, but when it is brought to the weddings, the opinion isn’t the same. In our country, Red is worn by the bride but not so many people believe in keeping the wedding ‘red’ in tradition. Here is a look for some of the ways how a wedding with a ‘red theme’ can be a success, subject to the approval of the bride and bridegroom.

Here Are The 7 Incredible Red Theme Wedding Ideas You Must Try:

1. Red Carpet

Go on make yourself feel special. Yes you are entering the biggest stage in your life and you deserve to make yourself feel like the most important person. Red carpet entry is, as we all are aware is a sign of glamour (observed in Cannes and for the Oscars). Furthermore, the red carpet has the history for directing the people to the exact place they have to go, and of course, it looks royal too.

Red Carpet

2. Red Curtains

Ah! A perfect wedding is a matter of right for the bride especially. Imagine the faint sunlight entering the windows while the major portion is blocked by bright tall red curtains during the night time when the yellow light hits the red curtains signaling fire. The Chinese very rarely avoid using huge red curtains as this is a sign of romance and tends to strengthen the bond between the couple.

Red Curtains

3. Red Wine

Besides wine being a sign of love and passion, wine has become a drink used for raising a toast during weddings. Red wine also induces warm feelings towards others. The taste of red wine is delightful and the best part is, it also usually doesn’t give you a hangover after excessive drinking (which is bound to happen in a wedding celebration).

Red Wine

4. Red Bouquets

Red roses have been long known for perfection and love, the two ingredients essential for one partner to communicate to the other. Decorations around the wedding hall containing bouquets with red roses with a tinge of white roses (symbolic for weddings and remembrance) will give both the bride and the groom the perfect vibe.

Red bouquets

5. Red Coloured Cakes

Which two lovebirds would not like to miss out on the ever special “Red Velvet Cake” on their wedding. The Red Velvet cake, also known as the ‘Cake of a wife time’ makes an appearance during the Valentine’s Day as a mark of love and feelings. It is no hard science that on weddings, the couple would definitely want to offer their partner a piece of the delicious cake which would melt inside the mouth and in return melt feelings inside for them.

Red coloured cakes

6. A Red Ride

How great it would be when the car having a sign board “just married” behind it, taking the couple back after the marriage would be deep red in colour. The Irish are strong believers of the same and when the marriage takes place near the coastline, the car for the couple is rich red, again as a mark of love and affections between the couple. Nothing beats a red vintage ride.

A red ride

7. Maid Of Honors

Traditionally, the best man and the maid of honors are present to witness the wedding. Recently, the maid of honors have been wearing red and white while holding red roses’ bouquets, instead of complete white as a way to show trust towards the bride and the love she shares with her.

Maid of Honors

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