7 Spectacular Hill Station Wedding Ideas

Weddings are one of the most important and special days in the life of every individual. We all have certain criteria and dreams which are associated with our wedding and we all want to make sure that those things in particular are taken care off on the wedding day. The most important thing which you need to finalize for the wedding is the wedding venue. The wedding venue is a very important role for the wedding. You should make sure that you have a beautiful wedding venue which enhances the look and feel of the entire ceremony.

One of the most amazing locations which you can choose for your wedding would be a hill station. A hill station has a very different, peaceful and serene environment. You will love the calmness and the peace which is available in the hills. It is completely different from the city madness which we have to face on a daily basis. You can make your hill station wedding absolutely wonderful. There are a number of interesting ideas which can be implemented for a spectacular hill station wedding. Some of the best ideas have been mentioned below.

1. Seating Plan

The seating arrangements for the seating plan would you choose for the hill station always plays a very important role in the look of the wedding. You should always make sure that the seating arrangement gives a spectacular view of the hills to the guest and of the altar as well. You can choose to have chairs which are placed appropriately or you can choose the benches. You can also decorate the seating area beautifully to enhance its look.

2. Altar

The altar is one of the most eye-catching places for the wedding. It is the area where the wedding ceremony takes place. You should make sure that for a hill station wedding the altar should be decorated beautifully and shall have a wonderful view. You can choose it towards the edge of the mountain or in a way the backdrop is extremely eye-catching. You would love the way the altar enhances the look of your wedding venue.

3. View

For a hill station wedding the view is the most important and the primary factor while deciding the wedding venue. You shall make sure that your wedding venue for the hill station has the prettiest and the most eye-catching view possible. There are various different views which are available at a hill station and you shall choose the one which appeals you. You can choose the one which you feel is the best and will capture them waiting in the most beautiful manner.


4. Lake

There are various hill stations which have lakes at a height. You can choose to have your wedding at a hill station by the lake. This will be the prettiest and the most stunning wedding which you can choose that a hill station. You will love the view and the feel of the hill station and the lake for your wedding. It will be one of the most eye pleasing sites which you will come across.

5. Floral Decor

The manner in which you decorate your wedding venue influences the look of your wedding venue greatly. You should make sure that your waiting venue is done in the most stunning way possible. The decoration shall be done in such away which instantly catches the onlookers’ attention and which also enhances the view of your wedding venue. The floral decoration for your hill station wedding venue would be one of the best ways in which you can decorate the wedding venue. It is natural and also eye pleasing.

6. Giveaways

The wedding giveaways are one of the most interesting things with which you can be innovative and creative at the wedding. You can choose some wonderful giveaways for the hill station wedding. There are a number of interesting and eye catching options which are available as giveaways for a hill station wedding and you can pick the best ones which you feel are attractive and interesting.

7. Lanterns In The Sky

Hill stations are usually dark and do not have much of illumination. You can beautifully enhance the prettiness of your hill station wedding venue by using the sky lanterns to beautifully illuminate your wedding venue. It will be one of the prettiest and the most amazing sites of your wedding. You can choose lanterns and you can leave them in the sky. It will be a sight worth watching. You can choose a large number of lanterns to give it a prettier and eye pleasing look.

Lanterns In The Sky

These are a few amazing ideas for a spectacular hill station wedding.

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