7 Stunning Hand Crafted Neck Pieces For A Bride

A bride wants to always look different, smart and nice. It is not always the dress which works for the bride. It is very important for the bride to wear a lovely dress but it is equally for the bride to take care of the other accessories and jewelry that the bride wears. The appearance of the bride hugely depends on the way the bride carries herself. There are a number of neck pieces which a bride can make from her hand for her wedding.

Some Of These Neck Pieces Have Been Discussed And Mentioned Below:

1. Beaded Neck Pieces

Beaded neck pieces look very smart. You can choose the beads very wisely and put them in the threads. The colour of the beads and the size of the beads can be determined by you depending on your dress. You can also make the neck piece with coloured beads. It looks very pleasing and nice to the onlooker’s eyes.

Beaded Neck Pieces

2. Pearl Neck Pieces

Pearls are one of the most elegant, classy and stylish gems which can be used for various purposes. You can make one of the most beautiful neck pieces for your wedding using pearls. The size of the pearls can be determined by you. The best thing about pearls is that they go well with all kinds of dresses. So, as a bride you do not have to think much before opting for a pearl neck piece.

Pearl neck pieces

3. Emerald Neck Pieces

Emeralds are one of the most precious and most appealing gems. You can make an appealing necklace using emeralds. You can use emerald as a pendant and use various other things in the strings. You can combine pearl or any other appealing gem which looks great and goes well with the precious stone.

Emerald neck pieces

4. Coloured Stone Neck Piece

Coloured stones neck pieces are one of the best neck pieces if you want to add colour to your plain and monotonous wedding dress. You can handpick the stones which appeal you and which will enhance the beauty of your dress. These look extremely pretty and stunning when worn. You can arrange in the stones in the styles you like.

Coloured Stone Neck Piece

5. Ruby Neckpiece

Ruby as a stone has a beauty of its own class and the colour is extremely vibrant and positive too. As a bride to be the stone can be handpicked by you depending on the style of the neckpiece you want. You can choose the different sizes and the style in which you want the ruby to placed in the necklace. To make the neckpiece different you can also make it a double layer necklace or add stones as steps. These add weight to your look and look very attractive.

Ruby neckpiece6. Sapphire Neck Piece

Sapphire is a classy stone which does not hurt the eyes of the onlooker. You can opt for this stone if the colour of your wedding dress is very dark and striking the eyes. You can use this beautiful stone to enhance and provide the right balance to your dress. You can make a very simple neck piece using this amazing gem.

Sapphire neck piece7. Flower Neck Piece

With the flowers being very much in fashion, you can use them to make a beautiful handcrafted neck piece with them. The floral neck pieces are one of the best neck pieces which can be made handmade for a bride to be. You can use real flowers or handmade flowers. These look pretty and extremely attractive.

Flower neck pieceThese are some of the handcrafted neck pieces which a bride can wear a for her wedding. These are very special to the bride and have a charm which can definitely not be matched by any other neck piece.

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