7 Wedding Hairstyles For Every Hair Length

Most of you ladies have already dreamt the destination for your wedding, probably your outfit and the way you would be walking down the aisle with your bridesmaids. All that may come out to be true or somewhere near to that, but one thing you cannot let go; your attire because you want to look the prettiest that day. Hair run on parallel lines as they have to look good as you would be calling a stylist for that day for sure. Let us consider some of the hairstyles that you can try on your wedding for different hair length.

Here Are The 7 Wedding Hairstyles for Every Hair Length:

1. The Coronet

Want to feel like a princess? Undoubtedly every bride would want to feel special on her wedding day and this hairstyle would just do it for you. This would look best if you already have long hair to complement the hairstyle. But don not worry, even short hair would look sweet with the hairstyle as shown in the picture.

The Coronet

2. The Waves

Looking forward to a wedding near a sea or a ocean, this kind of hairstyle should be given a thought. Only possible with lengthy hair, this hairstyle is best suited for outdoor weddings and you wouldn’t have to settle it all the time; no shuffling and scribing at all.

The waves

3. Ballerina Bun

Another hairstyle that wouldn’t shake off while you’re busy in your wedding is the Ballerina Bun. This can be seen on ballet dancers and no wonder that their hair is stuck to one position because of the strength created by the hold of hair around the bun.

Ballerina Bun

4. Flower Curls

The romantic side of you shall not be hidden on the most special day and thus the curls are the evergreen hairstyle to have. Settling with flowers if your hair is short can be a solution but having long hair would be ideal for the same. Another characteristic to this hairstyle is that you can have them side wards or in between or both sides as well.

Flower curls

5. Side Slicked Hair

Brides with short hair, there is something for you as well. Having slicked hair with a side partition would be great for you. Furthermore, the hassles if any created during the wedding wouldn’t allow such a hairstyle to be disturbed. Looking orthodox wouldn’t be a bad way to turn up for your wedding.

Side slicked hair

6. Interlocked Twists

If you ever watch your wedding snaps and on the day if you had this kind of hairstyle, you definitely looked elegant and classy. With numerous interlocked hair streams, this would give the reflection of your hard work (or your patience) while the hair were being done. Sure, that day if someone praised your hairstyle, you would have loved to get clicked from behind most of the time.

Interlocked twists

7. The Faux Bob

If you have hair that are long or short and are prone to getting messy most of the times, then try the faux bob to suit your style. The curls begin right from the beginning i.e. hair from their roots and adding some lighter shades to the same can turn out to be useful. If done properly, this would represent faux fur kind of hair, dense and bold; no doubt about Taylor Swift looking bold above and all.

The Faux Bob

The hairstyle is the crown of the bride on her wedding day. The above mentioned hair styling ideas are sure the best ones for you. So, try them out!

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