8 Amazing Accessories For Men To Wear As Grooms

Wedding is a very important day for both the bride and groom to be. The bride and groom both have a number of expectations and wishes from their wedding and how they want the important day of their life to be. A lot of preparations and efforts are put in to make sure that the ceremony goes off extremely well and without any hitches. Just as the bride decides on the dress and accessories for the big day in her life the groom too has various plans. There are a number of accessories which a groom can carry off with style on the big day of his life. The groom can try on a number of accessories for his wedding day. There are a number of accessories for men available in various styles and colours. The groom can carry it off with sheer elegance and confidence. There are a number of accessories that men can wear on their wedding day.

Some Of These Accessories Have Been Mentioned And Discussed Below:

1. Ties

Ties are a common accessory to make the formal look of men more graceful and appealing. As a groom this is the safest accessory to team up with your formal look. These days numerous styles and designs for ties are available. You can opt for the sleek look ties too. The colour of the ties can be solid or the one with designs. These look classy and catchy.


2. Bow Ties

Bow ties have a look and class of their own. You can pair up a bow tie with a black suit and a white shirt. It looks extremely classy and elegant. You shall be able to carry off the look with the right attitude and confidence. You will definitely make it for a dashing and a fashionable groom.

Bow ties

3. Boutonniere

It is said that the beauty of simple things is unmatched. It is very true as a simple boutonniere adds a beauty to a man’s appearance like nothing else. In fact, once you are sporting your look with a boutonniere you feel much more confident and sure about your look. This piece of accessory will definitely make you stand out and look great as a groom.


4. Silk Scarf

A perfect accessory for a winter wedding will be a silk scarf. You can wrap around a silk scarf extremely nicely and elegantly around your neck. A contrast colour or a light colour can be chosen, depending on the colour of your outfit. It will be a completely different look and will make you feel different too. Moreover you will look extremely dashing.

Silk Scarf

5. Cuff-Links

Cuff- links are one of the common accessories which are available for men. They are paired with the formal look or the formal attire for men. There are a number of different styles, looks and shapes of cuff- links which are available. Men can choose from a wide range of stylish, plain, crystals, semi-precious stones or various other embellished cuff- links. These add a completely different class to your entire look and ensemble.


6. Pocket Square

A pocket square has a class and look of an entirely different class. It has a smartness and elegance which can’t be matched by any other accessories for men. It is very important to make sure that your pocket square is folded nicely and little bit of the upper part is visible from the pocket. Choose a colour of silk which goes well with your coat. You shall prefer a contrast shade as it is very much in fashion.

Pocket Square

7. Wrist-Watch

A wrist watch is very common and much used accessory for both men and women. It not only gives your wrist a better look but its importance and uses are also many. As a groom you can opt for a metallic watch or a leather belt wrist watch. The dial can be the one which suits you the best. This is one accessory which you definitely can’t miss as it will complete your look.


8. Shoes

Shoes are a very important part of how you look on your wedding day. You shall make sure that your shoes are the best in your look. The shoes shall be black formal shoes with a glassy finish. These look the best with the wedding suit. We often do not realize the importance of shoes in our appearance, but they play a vital role. So, make sure that you have chosen your shoes very wisely.


These are a few interesting accessories which you can wear as a groom on your wedding day. These will definitely add to your look and will make you look more dashing and elegant as a groom.

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