8 Amazing Night Wedding Themes

Weddings are an occasion to rejoice and celebrate. Weddings are all about having a great time and enjoying immensely with your dear ones. These days people do a lot of innovative and exciting things for making their wedding and exciting and interesting affair which is full of fun and excitement. One of the most common things that people do is have themes for their wedding. If you are having a night wedding you can have a lot of interesting themes.

Some Of These Themes Have Been Mentioned And Discussed Below:

1. Starry Affair

A starry affair theme can have a dual meaning. You can simply indicate about the stars which are present in the night sky and secondly, it can be about the stars if real life. You can merge both these meanings and come up with a really exciting and crazy theme. All the other arrangements for the wedding can be done according to the theme.

Starry affair

2. Vintage Night

Vintage is the new latest. For your night wedding you can have a vintage theme. All your guests and you will have to dress up according to theme. You can also use some vintage style lanterns and candles to illuminate and decorate the wedding area. It will be a beautiful theme for your night wedding.

Vintage night

3. On The Moon

Moon is one of the most beautiful sights of the sky during the night. You can incorporate this lovely appearance of the night sky for your wedding theme. You can have decorations of the moon and people can preferably wear dresses which are white. It will be a beautiful and eye catching theme.

On the moon

4. Midnight Blue

Midnight blue is one of the few night themes which can be interpreted differently by all. You can decorate the wedding venue beautifully according to the night sky or have the wedding in the open space where the sky is visible. This theme has a charm and attraction which will not be missed by the guests.

Midnight blue

5. Hanging Gardens

An open night wedding with the hanging garden theme is one of the themes to actually look forward to. It is a beautiful theme in which you can utilize the natural beauty to the maximum. You can use your garden area and hang plants, leaves and flowers beautifully.

Hanging gardens

6. Bonfire Night

Bonfires are one of the greatest attractions for winter evenings. If you are having a winter wedding at night then this is a perfect theme for your wedding. You can have bonfires in the wedding venue where your guests can warm themselves up at frequent intervals. This will also be a lovely décor for the wedding area.

Bonfire night

7. Sparkling Evenings

Sparkling evenings is a theme which is all about shine, fun and merry making. You can decorate the wedding venue with glitter accessories or with accessories which sparkle. In fact, you can also ask your guests to be dressed according to the theme. It is going to be a be night to remember with all the sparkling around you with your partner.

Sparkling evenings

8. Colourful Nights

Wedding is a new beginning of your life. It is a great idea to have a colourful theme to start this phase of your life. You can have coloured lights, décor and various other things in place for this wonderful theme. You will love the colours and brightness which is associated with this theme. Moreover, you will feel very positive too.

Colourful nights

These are a few amazing themes which you can have for your night wedding. Make it a night to remember.

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