8 Amazing Shahnaz Hussain Beauty Tips For Bridal Makeup

For every bride, the day of her wedding is one of the most special day of her life. She always wants to look different and beautiful on her wedding day as she very well knows that the auspicious moments of this day will never come back again in her life. The role of a professional bridal makeup is very important for a bride on her wedding and for this purpose; she never hesitates to invest even thousands of dollars so that her look will charm every guest of the party. It is very important for a bride to hire a professional beauty artist to attain a professional bridal makeup but with it, she also needs to follow essential bridal makeup tips.

Here Are Top 8 Very Effective Shahnaz Hussain Beauty Tips For Bridal Makeup Which Will Make You More Stunning And Pretty On Your Wedding:

1. Always Begin With Cleansing Of Face:

Your facial makeup needs to be start with the skin cleansing as it will remove all the impurities of the face completely then giving a radiant to the face. After cleansing your face, you must tone your face by using a liquid moisturizer as it will keep your skin hydrated for a long time.

Always Begin With Cleansing Of Face

2. Apply Light Foundation:

After moisturizing your face, next you must apply an oil free, water based and light foundation on your face as it will give a sheer matte finishing to your facial skin whatever skin type you possess. You must apply it evenly on your face by using your fingertips or using a damp sponge followed by applying a compact powder so that foundation base gets easily set. Use of compact powder after foundation application controls the oil secretion on the face comfortably.

Apply Light Foundation

3. Use Light Blush On Cheeks:

After applying foundation to your face, next you need to apply a blush which must be of pastel shade so that your cheek bones highlights in a best way. Use of light colored blush offers a radiant glow to the facial skin and makes the cheeks soft and supple. However, it is always advisable to always apply a powder blusher with the use of a brush on the cheeks to make them healthy and chubby in appearance.

Use Light Blush On Cheeks

4. Use Light Eye Shadow:

Modern brides generally prefer heavy eye makeup but the use of eye shadow on their eyes are somehow harmful for eye health. Shahnaz Hussain recommends use of light eye shadow for covering the eyelids as it makes their eyes beautiful and charming. As a bride you can also try, golden, silver or bronze eye shadows on your wedding for making your look gracious.

Use Light Eye Shadow

5. Use Water Proof Eyeliner:

Use of eyeliner while doing eye makeup needs to be done with little variations. First of all, the upper lids of your eyes needs to be thick followed by applying thin line of black eyeliner on the corner and then applying the thick line of eyeliner on the lower eyelid. You must prefer water proof eyeliner for doing your bridal eye makeup as water proof eyeliner lasts for a very long time on eyes and it also gives a smoky look to the eyes of its user.

Use Water Proof Eyeliner

6. Always Use Water Proof Mascara:

Use of water proof mascara on eyes after makeup of your lashes adds extra volume to the eye lashes. Shahnaz Hussain recommends applying good quality volumizing mascara so as to safeguard your eyes against smudging. For better effect on your lashes, you must apply 2 coats of volumizing mascara to attain stunning and attractive eyelashes.

Always Use Water Proof Mascara

7. Use Daring Red Shades On Lips:

Lip makeup is also a very important part of bridal makeup and for this, you must use the daring red shades on your lips that matches perfectly to your wedding dress. However, firstly you need to define your lips with a lip pencil and then applying your favorite lipstick shade on your lips. While doing lip makeup, you must keep the shade of your lip liner and lipstick same because use of different shades looks ugly on bridal makeup. At the end, don’t forget to add shine to your lips by using a branded lip gloss.

Use Daring Red Shades On Lips

8. Choose Attractive Hairstyle:

Hairstyle is a very important part of every makeup. In fact, bridal makeup is also incomplete without a cool bridal hairdo. You can opt different bridal hairstyles like classic curled half-up hairstyle, romantic low ponytail hairstyle etc with the use of hair shimmers so as to accomplish your bridal makeup. You must use high quality hair products on your hair along with attractive hair accessories so that your hairstyle can easily define your beauty with your beautiful bridal makeup.

Choose Attractive Hairstyle

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