8 Amazing Wedding Decor Ideas Using Bells

Weddings are one of the most awaited events in a person’s life. Every human being looks forward to meet their life partners and starting a new life with them. One of the most interesting and eye catching things about weddings is the wedding decor. We use a number of accessories and embellishments to make the wedding venue look stunning. Bells are one of the most amazing things to decorate the wedding venue.

Some Of The Decoration Ideas With Bells Have Been Given Below.

1. At The Entrance

You can have a nice bell decoration at the wedding venue. You can either form a cluster of small or medium sized bells or use one large bell for enhancing the look of the wedding venue.

At The Entrance

2. Seating Arrangement

We all provide a nice seating arrangement for our guests to sit and witness the wedding ceremony. You can tie these bells to the chair or the benches of the wedding venue.

Seating Arrangement3. Wedding Favours

The wedding favours play a vital role in every wedding ceremony. You can display these favours at the venue and add the bells to enhance their look.

Wedding Favours

4. Personalized Cake

The wedding cake is always the show stealer of every wedding. You can have an amazing cake which has been personalized in the shape of a bell. This will look amazing and catch the eyes of many.

Personalized Cake

5. Centerpieces

Centerpieces play an important role in any wedding decor. You can use the bell centre pieces for making your wedding venue look amazing.


6. Hanging Decor

Bells have a music which is natural and pleasing to the ears. For your wedding you can have hanging bells as a beautiful decor. If there is wind they will have a beautiful music which will be loved by all your guests.

Hanging Decor

7. Altar Decor

The altar at the wedding venue is one of the areas at a wedding venue which catches the attention of all. You can have your altar beautifully decorated with bells and you will love the look.

Altar Decor

8. Food Counters

Food is one of the most important part of weddings and is missed by none. The food  can be done in an interesting way by using the bell shape for the decorations. These look really interesting and different.

Food CountersThese are a few ideas for wedding décor using bells.

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