8 Beautiful Diamond Bracelets Ideas For The Bride

Wedding are dream come true for all the couples who have been basking in the love of each other since so long. You take a step forward and decide to get married. A wedding comes with a lot of planning as well. From venue to flowers and dress to jewelry, from music to food. everything is planned up to the T. You are a ravishing bride, you have decided on the dress and the bouquet to carry. As a bride, you are always looking for that one piece of jewelry that will stand out and enhance your beauty more. Diamonds are a girls best friend and for a bride it becomes best friends forever. So what better way to carry them than on your beautiful hands (wrists).

Here Are A List For You To Chose What Suits Your Personality The Best:

1. Leaf Shaped Bracelet

This leaf shaped bracelet is going to look flawless with that starightline dress that you chose to wear after going through some many rehearsals. The small diamonds elegantly put together will enhance the look of your wedding attire beyond belief. It is an accessory that will catch everyone’s attention right in the beginning of that ceremony that unfolds in to the two of saying ‘I Do’.

Leaf Shaped Bracelet

2. Gold And Diamond Bracelet

A diamond and gold are a perfect made for each other example just like the two of you. Adorn this beautiful piece of jewelry and get ready to make everyone go gaga over your style. You chose a dress that has a little bit of gold thread beautifully woven across that belt of your dress or a neckline that has very fine detail of gold embroidery. In that case, look no further and indulge in one of these.

Gold And Diamond Bracelet

3. Flower And Foliage Bracelet

Go bold with this piece of jewelry and cast a spell on everyone around. A simple ivory gown and this bracelet will make everyone go week in the knees. with its intricate design and perfect craftsmanship, it will be an eye catcher.

Flower And Foliage Bracelet

4. Solitaire Bracelet

This is for all those brides who want to keep it simple and elegant and yet make a statement. This is going to make one bold statement in the crowd for its perfect cut, carat and clarity. Also it might outshine everyone present there with its way it is crafted.

Solitaire Bracelet

5. Bangle Bracelet

This one is specially for an elegant and modest bride. Imagine yourself wearing a floor length wedding gown with a long trail and this bracelet on your wrist. It’s going to make everyone come to you and ask where you got it from. There are a lot of other options available if you look for bangle bracelets.

Bangle Bracelet

6. Tear Drop Bracelet

This tear drop shaped bracelet is a flamboyant choice for an even more flamboyant bride. It is a winner all the way. The diamonds are set in a crown setting which makes it more durable and looks pretty too.

Tear Drop Bracelet

7. Princess Cut Diamond Bracelet

This is a call out to all the beautiful brides who are no less than a princess themselves. This elegant piece of jewelry with its fine details and workmanship to die for is a must have for every bride who wants to have a wedding right out of a dream.

Princess Cut Diamond Bracelet

8. Pearl And Diamond Bracelet

You have selected a wonderful dress that has pearls embroidered on it, a beautiful neckline and have danglers to accessorize it with. In such a case, this bracelet with pearl and diamond is a perfect choice for you. Wear it and show off your best side to everyone.

Pearl And Diamond Bracelet

These are some of the diamond bracelets which will complete the look of every bride who adorns it. So go ahead and splurge in the diamonds for your D day.

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