8 Best Short Dresses For The Bride

A girl looks the prettiest in her bridal get up. A bride makes sure that everything has been looked into and all things are in place before her wedding day. The wedding day is very important in a girl’s life and she most definitely does not want to spoil it by leaving any loop hole on her part. As the wedding date is decided the main concern of a girl is her dress on the wedding day. It is a very difficult job for a bride to zero on a dress and decide a final dress.

The decision and finalizing a dress is a confusing and tough job for any bride to be. A bride to be wants to get the best dress for her wedding day. She wants to look the best as all eyes will be on her. It is a great idea to wear a short or a knee length dress on your wedding day. A short dress looks very chic and different. It gives you a totally different look. There are a number of different short dress styles which you can wear on your big day.

Some Of These Have Been Mentioned Below

1. Net Dress

Net dresses have a flare and look like no other dress. The net dresses give a fall which is unmatched by any other material. You can combine a number of different coloured net to get a different coloured net dress. If you are not very comfortable wearing a dress entirely made of net, you may also use net in certain parts of the dress like sleeves, bodice, lower part of dress. In fact, a plain white net dress looks very classy and elegant. You can definitely give it a try.

Net Dress

2. Lace Dress

Laces are very much in fashion. You can use lace on the borders of the dress or get a dress which is primarily made of laces. You can opt for dress which has lace just on the sleeves or borders or full dress has lace. The lace may be thick or thin or it may have some work on it. Lace dresses are very much in fashion right now and if you sport a short lace dress as a bride you will definitely make a style statement.

Lace dress

3. Little Black Dress

A little black is the most common but the most interesting short dress a bride can opt for. Various cuts, styles and looks can be tried with this dress. In fact, this is the short dress in which a bride can be most innovative as she can style and accessorise herself in the most different manner and look extremely beautiful and stylish.

Little Black Dress

4. Pearl Neck Dress

Pearls are the most elegant and graceful things that a dress can have. A short dress which has pearls on the neck or collar looks very classy. Pearls add to the elegance and charm of a dress. A bride can easily opt for these short dresses as they are simple and classy and look pretty always.

Pearl Neck Dress

5. Slim Fit Dress

Slim fit dresses are dresses which give you a very sleek look. A bride can opt for this dress if she does not have much fat on the stomach or the waist. These dresses fit to your body perfectly and look very fashionable. If you want to be a trendsetting bride then you can definitely opt for this short dress.

Slim Fit Dress

6. One Shoulder Dress

One shoulder short dress is smart and fashionable. It is not too revealing and does not make you very uncomfortable too. As a bride it is important to be very comfortable in your attire. A one shoulder dress can be interesting option for bridal attire. The one shoulder strap can be a little different by trying a contrast colour or by styling it a little differently.

One Shoulder Dress

7. Embroidered Dress

Embroidered short dresses look extremely rich and classy. A bride can opt for an embroidered dress if she wants her dress to have some substance and look rich. The dress can be embroidered throughout or just portions of it. Embroidery has its own charm and class, so it is a great option for a bride.

Embroidered Dress

8. Beaded Dress

Beads are eye catching and appealing things which can enhance the look of any short dress. You can enhance the look of your bridal dress by using beads on them. You can use beads to make the dress more attractive and rich. You can use coloured beads or a single colour bead depending on the look preferred by you.

Beaded Dress

These are a few short dresses which you can try and opt for. These short dresses are eye catching and appealing and definitely make the bride stand out.

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