8 Fabulous Bridal Floral Crowns For A Boho Wedding Theme

Bridal Floral Crowns For A Boho Wedding Theme

Though there are so many elements that make a Boho themed wedding dreamy and interesting, one of the fun accessories that fascinates a bride is the floral crown. It is romantic, feminine and fanciful. It is a fantastic alternative for a veil in an outdoor wedding. You can incorporate a floral crown with loose locks or any of your favorite updo to add a subtle texture, color and beauty to the wedding day look. There are several beautiful floral crowns from understated and simple ones to the hard-to-miss oversized crown sizes. A simple way to pick a floral crown is to choose your favorite color scheme and explore the immense possibilities. Here we have listed a few favorites to inspire the to-be-boho-brides. Scroll down to see what these look like.

Bridal Floral Crowns For A Boho Wedding Theme:

1. Bright And Beautiful

A floral crown with a blend of large and small tropical blooms in combination with leaves of different color, texture, size and shape will look amazing and perfect for an outdoor wedding in the woods or garden. Add some berry flowers to fill the gaps and make the crown more appealing.

Bright and Beautiful

2. Simple And Cute

When you are all dolled up in a white flowy fabric with minimal make up and no complex accessories on the wedding day to look more natural, then a simple white and green floral crown will complete your look and make you look ethereal. Baby’s breath or daisies will look pretty with simple green foliage.

Simple and Cute

3. Rosy Roses

A gorgeous flower crown made of garden roses is nothing short of romantic on the wedding day to make the bride look extra special. Whether you go for a single colored garden roses or multi colored ones with soft greens, the effect it creates is dreamy and terrific.

Rosy Roses

4. Succulent Floral Crown

If you are someone who loves to experiment with unusual things and make a bold statement on your nuptials, then this succulent floral crown is what you should consider. With a few flowers and more succulents of varied texture and colors, you can make a fantastic floral crown that would last for a long time in good condition. Even with no flowers, the crown made of succulents will look great and unique.


Succulent Floral Crown

5. Feathers And Flowers

Instead of going for the usual natural flowers, berries and greens to make the superb floral headpiece on your wedding day, try to get more creative and make an extraordinary flower crown that matches the theme and yet looks original and matchless. How about adding some feathers to make it rustic and still classic? Peacock feather crown will be wonderful. Similarly, white feathers with beads and crystals would look unique and urbane.

Feathers and Flowers

6. Blue Floral Crown

If the color theme of your wedding is blue then the bride can accentuate her looks with the pretty blue fabric flowers. The blue dye of these flowers is bold and bright, which gives an appealing look to the bride.

Blue Floral Crown

7. Daisy And Yellow Flowers

The bright yellow flowers amidst the simple white daisies stand out and give a lovely natural look to the bride. You can pair the crown with a loose chignon hairstyle or any other loosely pinned style for a romantic look.

Daisy and Yellow Flowers

8. Seasonal Flowers

The quintessential bohemian wedding is incomplete without a flower crown. For a refreshing look go for seasonal flowers that add to the color of your make up, hair and bouquet, for ex – lilies and daises, ivory and light pink cosmos would be ideal. A hairstyle with loose curls and floral crown is just perfect for the summer bride.

Seasonal Flowers

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