8 Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyles

Choosing the right hairstyle for your wedding is just as important as choosing your perfect wedding dress. If you are unable to decide between a simple downdo or an elegant updo, why not try a stylish half up half down wedding hairstyle to match your sparkling personality. This way you will be able to enjoy the best of both styles – the chic of free flowing locks along with the grace of an elegant updo.

Here Are Some Great Ideas For Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyles For You To Choose From:

1. Long Curls With Tiara

This is one of the most versatile and stylish bridal hairstyles in half up half down style, especially for brides with thick and long hair. The lush and elegant curls in asymmetrical lengths paired with a fancy tiara make for an impressive and enchanting hairstyle.

Long Curls with Tiara

2. Half Up Half Down With Fancy Knots

When making a bridal half up half down hairstyle, one of the most common ways to secure the front hair is to pin them towards the back and add a beautiful hairpiece as adornment. But you can take this hairstyle to a different level by making few knots in the hair and using them as substitute for a hair clasp. Pair this style with dangling earrings and a jeweled headband for a beautiful look.

Half Up Half Down with Fancy Knots

3. Half Up Style With Bouffant

Most bridal hairdos feature a bouffant, whether big or small depending on the hair, as it looks extremely jazzy. So you can create a beautiful half up hair style by creating a big bouffant at the crown of the heat using hair padding accessories. This will not only look elegant but also help in elongating the face of brides with round faces.

Half Up Style with Bouffant

4. Half Up Boho Chic Hairdo

This Boho chic hairstyle is made with three tiers which come together harmoniously to create a beautiful bridal hairdo. The first tier comprises of a horizontal fishtail braid jazzed by with beautiful little rosebuds. The second layer is made by rolling and tucking away sections of hair for a fuller look. The final tier consists of natural waves which make for an amazing hairstyle.

Half Up Boho Chic Hairdo

5. Diagonal Waterfall Braid With Half Up Hair

Braided hairstyle are said to provide girly innocence and charm to any hairstyle. Due to this, they are widely used in bridal hairstyles of different kinds. Diagonal waterfall brails combined with bouncy curls make for a cute hairstyle. You can also adorn the hairdo with a few big flowers placed on one side or simply sprinkle few tiny buds all over the braid for a win-win combination.

Diagonal Waterfall Braid with Half Up Hair

6. Curled Hairstyle With Tendrils

If you are looking for a curly hairstyle for your wedding day, then this is the perfect choice for you. It gives the appearance of loosely braided hair but the ‘down’ part of the style is kept off center to make it look more trendy and casual. Curls and waves are spread across the hair to provide it more elegant and volume.

Curled Hairstyle with Tendrils

7. Curls Clipped To One Side

This is a simple yet stunning hairstyle in which all the hair is pulled away from the face to allow your beautiful facial features to shine forward. Curl your hair and combine it with a beautiful braid; add a barrette tucked towards one side and your chic wedding hairstyle is all done.

Curls Clipped to One Side

8. French Braided Half do

This is another intricate and attractive bridal hairstyle that features braids beginning from the crown of the hair and ending at the back of your head, falling down into a free-flowing cascade of waves and curls. This hairstyle is rightly considered to be one of the most comprehensive half up half down bridal hairstyles and looks absolutely amazing on your special day.

French Braided Half do

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