8 Incredible Purple Theme Wedding Ideas You Must Try

Nobility, luxury, power, ambition are all synonyms to the color purple. Creativity, wisdom, wealth, dignity and pride are also associated with the color purple. Thus, in a nutshell, the color purple is a powerful color and having marriages with such terms do address a point to the fellow invitees. Purple themed weddings have flown from the past to the present with high commend ability. If one might be aware of Game of Thrones, the famous purple wedding was shown as a royal event, which of course didn’t end well king Joffrey. The selection of colors in a wedding sub-conscientiously portrays how one would imagine his/her marriage in the future would look like. With perfection being demanded during weddings, the couple seeks either the darker side of purple or the lighter side, where the former denotes nobility and the later tends towards romance and affections.

Thus The 8 Themes One Should Give A Try Are As Follows:

1. Purple Carpet

Not surprisingly, the carpet leading to the main stage should be in purple. Shakespear made it a point to write something related to purple carpet in his play Agamemnon, where the gods are invited on purple carpets, therefore showing that the purple is a color of royalty. Royal weddings, as a token of respect for the couple and the guests, lay a purple carpet out.

Purple carpet

2. Name Tags

If a wedding takes place in such a hi-fly manner; the guests are expected to be treated likewise. Thus, the invite list or the name tags of the guests if kept within the domains of purple it denotes the high respect you hold for the other, therefore showing the inclusion of the invitee in the imperial family.

Name Tags

3. Purple Curtain

The flashy look of purple curtains, again as a mark of welcome & respect can go a long way in remembering the noble wedding taking place. As stated above, that the royal and kingly traits of the color purple, the curtains add on to the beauty and with some white and purple balloons, the area would look splendid.

Purple Curtain

4. Purple Orchids

Of course the decorations would be incomplete without some beautiful flowers and purple orchids are the best fit foe such themed weddings. Orchids are not only gorgeous but expensive as well, again showing the honorable side of the wedding. In addition to orchids being attractive, they are a symbol of love and beauty.

Purple Orchids

5. Purple Cravet/Tie

The groom has to be the best person for bride from the date of marriage and on the wedding day, the man has to show his competence for the same. A purple cravet or tie is the finest piece of clothing that can be worn by the groom to pay respects to his bride and show that he would stand strong in times of difficulty. No surprises why the weddings for the royal family in England are always containing such men’s wear.

Purple Cravet

6. Purple Dress

Similar to the groom’s ideology, a bride is most welcome to wear a purple dress on her wedding day. In the past, purple dresses were worn by the bride who belonged to rich class or worn by rich merchant’s daughter. In today’s time as well, a purple dress goes best with purple shoes, to resemble the better half in terms of independability and the wealth they possess.

Purple dress

7. Purple Shaded Cake

With the theme already purple, the cake has to be no different. The cupcakes that are more often used are also purple in color. During weddings, a huge purple cake is a sign of high ambition the couple holds for their future. Apart from this, a purple cake looks far more elegant and a big fat wedding would be imperfect without a big fat purple cake.

Purple shaded cake

8. A Purple Ride

Since purple is a color of royal blood, cars are something that should not be left behind. The car or the ride taking the newlywed couple in such a theme would be purple in color. The royal families tend to show their status through the same and in most circumstances a purple colored vintage car is the best in space.

A purple ride

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