8 Most Romantic Places In Asia For Honeymoon

Asia is a vast continent which is home to a number of languages, cultures, religions and traditions. All of these are unique and special in their own ways. Most importantly all of these have their own relevance and importance. A spectacular thing about this continent is that it home a number of landscapes and stunning natural beauty. This continent is a paradise for people for honeymoon. It is a great place where newly wed couples want to get away to and spend some romantic and memorable moment together. It offers a luxurious getaway for the couple for an amazing honeymoon with various things to do and also spend some intimate moments together. There are a number of romantic places which can be on the list on the couples visiting Asia for their honeymoon. These places are amazing and great way to spend some quality romantic time with your spouse.

Some Of The Beautiful And Exotic Places Have Been Mentioned And Discussed Below

1. Maldives

Known to be the smallest island country in the world, Maldives is an outstanding island with great natural beauty. It is surrounded by small tiny palm-studded coral islands between sparkling crystal clear lagoons. The entire scenery makes this small island a perfect honeymoon destination for couples. It has crystal clear turquoise blue water and long sand beaches. The island has a certain charm which never fails to impress people. The island also offers a number of water sports which is enjoyed by many adventurous couples. If you do not want do anything you can just relax at the beach. Maldives is one of those islands which will never fail to disappoint you.


2. Bali

Bali, is a treat to any traveler’s eyes. It is an amazing island in Indonesia. It has a natural beauty and looks like a page from a book. Bali is one of the most common attractions for people from around the world. It has beautiful beaches, clear water to add to the attraction of this gorgeous place. In fact, Bali is also known as the Islands of Gods. It has friendly locals and tourists which make your stay pleasant and nice. A common destination for honeymoon Bali, has become a favourite of newly weds. You spend great time with your partner accompanied by great food and great natural beauty. This is a must visit place for people going to Asia for their honeymoon.


3. Dubai

Honeymoon is not always about lazing and relaxing on the beaches. It shall also include some cities and metropolitans. Dubai is a city worth having a look around. A city located in the UAE, amazes a man to what a man can do. It is a city which has been beautifully built by humans. It has some eye catching wonders and tallest structures. It provides humans everything they ask for. It has a great history, amazing places to roam around freely, great shopping and everything that a person could ask for. You feel definitely live like the royals in this absolutely royal city.


4. Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia. It is a a popular city which is full of life and energy. Malaysia offers a number of romantic eating joints and places which make your honeymoon in the city way more special and memorable. There are other attractions like shopping, lazing and relaxing in beautiful resorts and great atmosphere to enjoy in.

Kuala Lumpur

5. Phuket

Phuket is a city in Thailand. It is one of the best cities to visit for your honeymoon. A great place with a number of attractions; it is a great attraction of couples for honeymoon. It has amazing beaches with absolute clear water and white sand which is smooth as powder. You can visit a number of small islands which are breath taking while you are in Phuket. A number of water sports are also a great attraction in this amazing place. The place offers great food and great view so; you can indulge in some romantic moments in your honeymoon.


6. Chiang Mai

Chiang mai is a beautiful place in Thailand. It shows that Thailand is home to a number of beautiful landscapes. It is situated at the foot of the mountains and provides a great view. It is one of the lesser known and visited spots in Thailand. It is a perfect place for an adventurous couple as it has a number of sports like super bikes, exploring the great terrains of the mountain. To add to the fun this place is full of life and very vibrant, it is home to many tribals and national parks. Moreover if you love night markets this place has them too. With great food, view, activities and company this place would be perfect for your honeymoon.

Chiang Mai

7. Langkawi

Langkawi is one of the best places in Asia which has great natural vegetation spread. Langkawi is not populated has mountains, islands, beaches which add to the attraction of tourists. It is one of the most bio diverse places. Apart from natural beauty the place has adventure and great resorts which make it fun and appealing to the honeymoon couple. Great atmosphere, good food and fair amount of shopping make it more like able to all. It is one of the most picturesque places and you will definitely not regret having it on your honeymoon list.


8. Singapore

Singapore is one of the most hi tech and fast cities of Asia. It has something attractive for all. With great sights and great life it makes it a great attraction for all the young couples who are so much in love. It has great beaches, amazing nightlife and awesome shopping to spoil and pamper your wife with. To add to all the fun it has great food and amazing hotels for accommodation. Singapore is definitely one of the best cities you can visit in Asia for a great honeymoon. It is fast, young and full of life. This city will never disappoint you.


These are a few amazing and crazy places which you can visit in Asia for a romantic and unforgettable honeymoon. Try to explore and visit different terrains and landscapes. Make the most of this beautiful period in your life and click great pictures for memories.

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