8 Ultimate Destinations In Europe For Honeymoon

Planning honeymoon after wedlock and making it adventurous is a dream of every couple. But deciding on a honeymoon destination is a draining task. Europe is the continent which can make it the most exciting adventures of any couple’s life. From Beaches to volcanoes, couple friendly accommodations, cuisine; Europe has lot many things for which it is perfect for honeymoon. Here are seven ultimate destinations in Europe, all perfect choices for those who want to ensure their first holiday as a married couple kicks off in a style.

List Of Ultimate Destinations In Europe For Honeymoon:

1. Santorini:

Couples can visit the colourful beaches having black and red sand. They can see an archaeologically preserved delight i.e ancient Akrotiri. Also couples can climb ancient stairs that will take them to the historic city of Manolas in Thirassia. From Manolas, they can have mesmerising view of the caldera which is a brilliant turquoise pool of water. In addition to these places, Kamari Beach, Red Beach, Amoudi Bay, Neighbourhood of Oia are some other places for newlywed couples to visit. While in should definitely enjoy a special wine which is made of grapes grown in rich volcanic soil of Santorini.

2. Tuscany:

Tuscany is famous for two ‘Chianti’. First Chianti is a well loved region of Tuscany and other is the name of local wine which is served here. This wine is very delicious and couples can have a taste of it. For the new brides, there are remarkable jewellery stores in Ponte Vecchio. They can purchase as much as they can from these jewellery stores. To serve the couples, there are farmhouses, villas and wineries in Tuscany. Poggio winery is the place which offers Italian food, wine and accommodations to the tourists. Couples can also visit Cinque Terre which is a cluster of 5 towns. Last but not the least they can have fun on the beaches of Tuscany.

3. Spain:

Spain is a coruscating destination for honeymoon couples. It offers a fusion of fun and romance to the newlyweds. They can visit and can enjoy at extremely popular Canary Islands (a cluster of seven different islands) which have numerous volcanoes, forests, cliffs to visit. While in Spain, couples can visit some major cities of Spain which are known as honeymoon destinations i.e Madrid (having emphatic nightlife), Barcelona ( National Geographic has assigned it rank 1 ‘Beach City’ in the whole world, Seville- The host of ‘Feria de Abril’ fest.

4. Venice:

In Venice couples can take a canal tour. This tour is incomplete without a gondola ride. They can visit Piazza San Marco and cross the bridge of sighs. Travelling by vaporetto is a fun of its kind. Romantic dinner cruise will be an amazing experience for the couples. Other places where couples can visit includes Murano; It is the place where Venetian glass was born, Burano; It is famous for candy colored houses and Torcello. In Torcello, couples can see the 7th century church which still exists here.

5. Switzerland:

Switzerland is known as Paradise of honeymooners’. It is a preferred location for movie shoot. If in Switzerland, spare your time to visit Zurich. It has ancient churches, old steamers to have a romantic trip. Interlaken is other place where couples can visit. Here, newlyweds can have fun on the shores of Thun , Breinz with their betterhalf . They can enjoy adventurous activities like paragliding, bungee jumping, canyoning and a lot more.

6. Paris:

Paris is the capital of France and it is full of wonderful places to visit. These wonderful places are like Eiffel Tower, The Louvre and the Musee d’Orsay, the grand Ntre dame Cathedral and the palace of Versailles. Also a very popular carbet show gives the couples a very unique experience of its kind.


7. Czech Republic, Prague:

Prague is the capital and largest city of Czech Republic. Here, couples can go to Charles Bridge for romantic strolls. They can enjoy a tour of the city in Praha Bike. Couples with historical bent of mind can visit Czech National museum. In addition to these places, the cuples can also explore the Prague Castle.

Czech Republic, Prague

8. London:

London is a city in England which requires no introduction. Newlywed couples should visit here because after Brexit vote, value of currency has dropped. Due to which it has become cheaper for the tourists. Couples can find a hotel under US$300 per night for stay and can find a cheaper meal out of tourist places at Westminster.

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