9 Amazing Themes And Ideas For Your Winter Wedding

Wedding is one of the most looked forward occasion in the life of a human. There are various seasons and weathers in which a person wants to get married. It is a personal choice of the couple. One of my favourite seasons for getting married is the winters. It is the perfect romantic time and the atmosphere is just perfect for a romantic wedding. Wedding is all about love and romance. The winters are the perfect time to get married and have fun. Winters are a season for celebration and fun so your wedding will be a much more fun filled affair. There are a lot of exciting themes which you can have for your winter wedding.

Some Of These Amazing Themes Have Been Mentioned Below:

1. Blanket Of Snow

Winters are a lot about the chilly weather which are sometimes accompanied with snowfall. You can have an interesting wedding with snow as one of the main elements. You can opt for a hill station wedding where there is natural snow or you can create an artificial blanket of snow for your wedding. Both the ideas are perfect for the chilly winters.

Blanket of snow

2. Floral Theme

Winters are known for some of the amazing and beautiful flowers found during the season. You can use the floral theme in the most spectacular manner with the wintery touch added. You can use red roses, lilies or the amaryllis. These amazing flowers can be used in the most spectacular manner at the wedding venue or for the wedding ceremony.

Floral Theme

3. Pine Cone

Pine cones are found in abundance during the winter months. The pine cones can be used in interesting ways for your winter wedding. You can use these in interesting and innovative ways for decoration of the wedding venue or the area of the wedding. You can also send the invite to the wedding in a very eye catching and interesting way using the same.

Pine cone

4. Horse Drawn Sleigh

Horse drawn sleigh is one of the most spectacular sights of the winters. You can use them to escort the bride and from to the wedding venue. You can also use this amazing way to transport the guests to the wedding venue from a certain distance. You can define a perimeter near the wedding venue beyond which the guests will have to use the horse carriage for transportation purpose.

Horse drawn sleigh

5. Food Festival Theme

The greatest attraction for weddings is great food. You can have an interesting food theme wedding where you serve hot food with live counters. During the winters hot food tastes delicious and is mouth-watering. It is a treat for the guests to get well heated, warm and hot food at the wedding. You can also have grill counters for the wedding. It is going to be a great theme as the guests will enjoy it the most.

Food festival Theme

6. Musical Theme

A nice musical theme wedding is going to be an interesting winter wedding. You can have a melodious piano being played in the background. It will be the perfect rhythm for a musical winter weddings. Pianos are one of the best musical instruments for winters and absolutely enjoyable ones too. The decor can be with musical notes and musical instruments. It will be a great theme.

Musical Theme

7. Cocktails Theme

Cocktails are a must for a winter wedding. You can have whisky, beer and some amazing wines served at your wedding. You can also place these cocktails in interesting jars and unique packs on the tables of your guests. This will be refreshing and the guests will definitely love this. You can also have an interesting invitation with defines the cocktail theme. In fact, the wedding decor can be with glasses and bottles. It will look lovely.

Cocktails Theme

8. Favours

Wedding favours play a very crucial role in weddings. You can have interesting wedding favours which define the theme of the wedding. You can also have the wedding decor in such a manner which will define the theme of the wedding.


9. Bonfire Theme

Bonfires are the best part of winters. We often come across interesting bonfire parties during the winter months. You can have a lovely wedding with the bonfire theme. These bonfires can be created and used to enhance the wedding venue and also keep the guests warm. You can also have a wedding invitation which conveys to the guests the theme of your wedding. It is one of the best themes for a winter wedding.

Bonfire theme

These are some of the amazing themes and ideas according to which you can have a lovely winter wedding. The weather and atmosphere will both be perfect for your fairy-tale romance.

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