9 Amazing Three Quarter Sleeve Dresses For A Bride

A bride wants to look stunning and different on the big of her life. Wedding is given immense importance by all of us. It has a very vital role in the future of every individual. For every girl is a turning point in her life. Things become different for her post her wedding. A girl wants to look pretty and extremely attractive as a bride. She wants all that she is wearing and carrying on her big day to be exclusive and attractive. It shall appeal the onlookers and the guests. Every bride to be wants her bridal attire to be exclusive and different. Most importantly, she wants her dress to be comfortable. One of the most comfortable and stylish dress that a bride can wear is the dress with a three quarter sleeve. The sleeves are extremely comfortable and do not bother the bride much. They are easy to handle and very easy to wear. The best parts about these comfortable sleeves are that they look extremely stylish too. There are a number of different style dresses with three quarter sleeves which a bride can wear.

Some Of These Sleeves Have Been Mentioned And Discussed Below:

1. Lace Dress

Lace dresses are very much in fashion. These look elegant and very classy. A bride can simply look gorgeous by just wearing a simple lace dress for her wedding. A lace dress with a three quarter sleeve will leave a lot of people just looking at the bride. It adds to the charm and leaves the onlooker completely speechless. The sleeves of the dress can be entirely of lace and see through ones. A change in the style and length of the lace dress sleeve will make a huge impact on the dress of the bride.

Lace dress

2. Slim Fit Dress

A slim fit dress with three quarter sleeves for the bride is a perfect combination of style and simplicity. The dress can be of a different colour or a bright colour which appeals and attracts you. You can keep the sleeves simple or flared as both of these look equally nice. Make sure that you carry nice accessories to enhance your look as a bride.

Slim fit dress

3. Floral Print Dress

Floral dresses are too much in fashion. In fact these days any fabric having the floral print is said to be the latest and in fashion. As a bride you can wear a floral printed dress with three quarter sleeves. The sleeves can be of the floral print or of any material which goes well with the printed dress or which is in contrast to the floral print.

Floral print dress

4. Plain White Dress

White is one of the very few colours which never go out of fashion or which never look inappropriate when worn. You can have your bridal attire in complete shade of white. The sleeves shall be three quarter and they shall also be in white. You can opt for some flare towards the end of your sleeve. This looks very stylish. Make sure you add some colour to your dress by putting on some accessories.

Plain white dress

5. Embroidered Dress

Embroidered dresses is one of the most underrated dresses for a bride. These dresses have a class, charm and elegance which cannot be matched with any other style. The embroidered dress with a three quarter sleeve is like icing on the cake. An embroidered dress looks a classic piece when worn. The kind of embroidery and colours can be chosen and selected by you depending on the one which looks best on you.

Embroidered dress

6. Sequins Dress

Sequins look extremely glamorous and chic. As a bride this is one of the best choices of three quarters sleeve dress for you. You can have the dress entirely in sequins or you can opt for sequins just on the dress and not the sleeves or the sequins can be present only on the sleeves of the dress. All these styles look very smart and stylish. You can definitely be a trendsetting bride with a sequins three quarter sleeve dress.

Sequins dress

7. Glitter Dress

Glitter is one of those things which add bling to your dress and makes it look catchy and attractive. You can add glitter to the sleeves of you dress to make the three quarter sleeves look fun or you can have glitter well spread throughout your dress. Make sure that the glitter is well utilized and spread well in your dress. For a bride the glitter will add spark to the way a bride looks on her big day. A bride who is willing to experiment and try shall definitely try the glitter dress with the three fourth length sleeves.

Glitter dress

8. Flared Sleeve Dress

A bride can try something different and become an absolute diva with her style and confidence. This is what exactly you need to do with a flared three quarter sleeve dress on your wedding day. The dress can be simple but you need to carry it off with style and confidence which is unmatched. You can try for a trendy or contrasting sleeve to add some fun factor to your bridal attire. In fact, you can try a one shoulder flared sleeve it looks extremely stunning.

Flared sleeve dress

9. Collared Dress

Not many brides opt for a collared dress on their big day. They often want something more chic and different. In fact, a dress with a three quarter sleeve and a collar looks not only different but also very stylish. It gives a bride a complete makeover. The bride does not need to put on too many accessories also with this style. All in all it is a perfect get up for a different, stylish and a smart bride.

Collared dressThese are a few stunning dresses with three quarter sleeves. These are one of the best dresses with the most comfortable and stylish sleeves. A bride can definitely try any of these styles for one of the most awaited days in her life. The bride shall remember to put on jewellery, accessories and shoes which will enhance her look and make her look prettier and more attractive. The makeup and the hair shall all be taken care of and you shall look simply stunning.

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