9 Easy Grooming Tips For Grooms For Their Wedding Day

It is your wedding day and you want to look the best, you want to be the man for your bride. The guests should be looking at you and saying ‘Perfect’. Keeping all the pressure in your mind (cause it your wedding- once in a life time incident, hopefully), you don’t need to be extra stressed for the same; leave the tension for other arrangements which need a priority hold. No need to even consider extra and heavy styles for you to look awesome, some easy and simple life hacks are enough for all of the above mentioned criteria. Besides, extra expenditure isn’t something that you want because you already have a lot on your plate already.

Here Are 9 Easy Grooming Tips For Grooms For Their Wedding Day

1. Matching Footwear

Fact: subconsciously, your footwear is the first thing that people notice about you. Keeping the footwear matched to the attire is the first of its kind. Opting lite weight footwear would be ideal for the wedding day, a lot of walking here and there to do.

Matching Footwear

2. Well Groomed Hair

Yes, every man is bothered about his hair primarily. Keeping your face cut in mind, hair cannot be trimmed perfectly in one go. Thus, it is very important to style them gradually in such a nature that they shape up perfectly for your wedding. But this would require regular touch ups and work, because as it goes “No pain, no gain”.

Well Groomed Hair

3. Facial Hair

It is very important to keep the required amount of hair on your face. A man knows the cycle of his hair growth and whether to trim or shave as per his desire to gain the best facial look for his marriage, depends upon himself. Sticking to basics, where you aren’t sure about the perfect beard or moustache, clean shave can acquire you the best results in such situations. Beware about the cuts and nicks that might look petty but irritate you at the same time on the big occasion.

Facial Hair

4. Moisturize Like An Ace

A small amount of TLC is required on your face, of course you don’t want it to shine completely with oil and sweat and neither you want to see any white dry patches on your face in the photographs (or even being told about the same by your mother). Applying face moisturizers is an effective way to counter the two problems, and if the wedding is during a hot afternoon, don’t forget to use the sun lotion.

Moisturize Like An Ace

5. Clean Whites

It is your wedding day and it is bond that you are a happy man. That would be make you smile regularly and even if you don’t want to, you have to look happy. If you are a regular smoker, an enthusiast red wine lover or a coffee drinker, you should have sorted your teeth out before entering the main stage. Considering a treatment weeks before the wedding isn’t a bad option if you feel the need.

Clean Whites

6. Clothing Makes A Man Perfect

Clothes are a tough nut to crack with respect to your wedding days. Always prefer a tailored suit over a readymade one as it fits perfectly according to your body structure. Keeping in mind the long durations of the festivity, wearing lite weighted clothes is recommended. The attire should be properly ironed, the tie should be double knotted, your socks should match the color of the suit and most importantly, shiny and polished shoes.

Clothing Makes A Man Perfect

7. Smell Good

Having a nice taste of fragrances is another thing that a man tries to attain. There would be numerous numbers of people ready to come to the stage and meet you and your better half and foul smelling would just turn them off, therefore a need for cologne or a perfume arises. Keeping this in mind, it is very important to see that your mouth also smells good. Having strong mints in your pocket can attack the foul smell that reoccurs in moments. After all, this is pretty much included in your grooming for the special day.

Smell Good

8. Firm Handshakes

It is your wedding, the guests would come to you and congratulate you and no matter how many people’s hand you’ve shaken before, each and every person would want to be greeted just as the first person was. Being a gentleman never goes out of style. A straight and upright posture is another vital aspect in your grooming; you definitely want to prove that to a large audience on the wedding day.

Firm Handshakes

9. You’re The Man

Last but not the least, manners towards the bride. You are her man, you have to look better than the best on your wedding day. Never leave her side, she should not entertain everyone all alone. You just took or about to take the vowels to stand beside her in all conditions, prove it now.

You’re The Man

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