9 St. Patrick’s Day Inspired Wedding Ideas

When you have none other than divine powers in attendance for your wedding, you simply cannot ask for more. Out of the many cultural and religious celebrations, St. Patrick’s Day has a special place in the Irish culture and what could be better than having your wedding themed on the celebrations of Irish culture and heritage?
St. Patrick’ Day doubles up the delight of your wedding day celebrations as there is no alcohol restriction for the day. That apart, wedding based on this theme can look even more lovely and close to the wilderness thanks to the significance of the color green to mark St. Patrick’s celebrations. Wait no more and begin with your wedding inspirations and ideas both readily available and DIY. Not just the bride, groom and guests in attendance too can become part of this theme’s wedding pretty effortlessly.

Simply Try These 10 St. Patrick’s Day Inspired Wedding Ideas:

1. Shamrock Wrapped Spoon

The most conspicuous element of St. Patrick’ day celebrations and elements associate with it; if you want to delight your guests simply tie a shamrock leaf with a spoon to set the theme on your wedding days. Don’t lose heart if you cannot find fresh ones, plastic variants are always there to your rescue.

Shamrock wrapped spoon

2. Shamrock Designed Cufflinks

Men have often liked cufflinks in their shirts and now that it is St. Patrick’s theme to be followed, shamrock designed cufflinks are a cool accessory to follow the theme. Find a shamrock cufflink that uses green to accentuate the leaves’ engraving. Given its rising popularity, it is not too hard to find.

Shamrock designed cufflinks

3. Guiness Groom’s Cake

This has to be the ultimate indulgence of your taste and believe us you will not be labeled guilty! A luscious chocolate flavored Guiness groom’s cake delicious Irish cream frosting will seal the deal as the most lovable theme for your St. Patrick’s Day inspired wedding. If you have started to smack your lips already, hold on! There’s more. Beer; lots of it!

Guiness groom’s cake

4. Green Pooch

Why should man’s best friend be left out? If you walk in the wedding scene with your pooch, let the boy too have fun. A green shamrock themed bow tie wrapped on the dog’s neck is simply the killer look for your puppy. Or maybe you could just leave one stray around the wedding are as part of your theme. Let the canine enjoy bow instead of a leather collar, for a day!

Green Pooch

5. Green Icing Cupcakes

The utterly delicious cupcakes can have the Irish flavor with green frosting alone. As told earlier, green is significant to the St. Patrick’s Day wedding, the more of it the better. But not if you have the green stains on your shirt!

Green icing cupcakes

6. Appletini

Cocktail drink, lots of it in green? Game on! You would simply nail the St. Patrick’s Day themed wedding idea. Appletini naturally blends with the mood for obvious reasons. Cocktail being a lighter drink than others also add to the idea; but wait, there is no restriction for alcohol in this theme, right? So who cares?


7. Green Bridesmaid

Even Green Lantern Corps will mistake the lovely eves as part of their group! Jokes apart, bridesmaid wearing green gown surrounding the Snow White bride is a perfect and a rather fairytale idea to be liked by many. Would it also not be a perfect way to pay homage to St. Paddy’s?

Green bridesmaid

8. Emerald Green Pins

Precious and ornate; emerald green pins can be so much for a wedding based on St. Paddy’s. This could well be the gift only for the special one and no prizes for guessing who that person is. Whether pinned to the hair or to jacket, this will be so “into the mood”.

Emerald green pins

9. Green Amaryllis Bridal Bouquet

Still the best way to extend your best wishes to the couple on their big day, green amaryllis bridal bouquet will be more than handful if you are an attendee of a St. Paddy’s Day. They look appropriate, bring smiles instantly and keep you well in the business as important as wedding so far as avoiding faux pas is concxerned.

Green Amaryllis Bridal Bouquet

10. Irish Shepherd’s Pie And Macarons

Whether they are late at the party or want to have something to munch, make sure the snacks corner is full of Irish shepherd’s pie. Why? It’s St. Patrick’s Day wedding theme, duh. There are plenty of other additions too like whisky caramels, green macarons etc. Pies and caramels will be raved for taste and macarons for their adorable green color.

Irish Shepherd’s pie and macarons

The above mentioned wedding theme ideas are surely going to make your day memorable and blissful. So, try them out!

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