9 Tricks To Avoid That Smudged Eye Look During Your Wedding

Beautiful and bright eyes colored with the best eye liners and eye makeup is something we all consider in our day to day life! While stepping out from the home, we carry the beautiful makeup which can make us look even more gorgeous. The eye makeup can redefine the sober and natural look of your eyes and can make it even more gorgeous! The finely framed eyes with the liners, the bright and dark Smokey eyes for more impact, the beautiful and colorful liners and so many makeup styles are always here to brighten up the regular eye look! But one of the biggest issues is smudging of the eye makeup! We have noticed that while in sun or in a humid place, the eye makeup gets smudged and can create a horrible situation! Avoid it with this amazing guide and simple tricks!

1. Cleanse Your Face With An Oil Free Cleanser

The first and the most important thing to consider is a cleansing your skin. Your skin can sometimes become sweaty, humid and moist due to the climatic changes. This can affect your skin and will make all the makeup get smudged easily. In such cases, you can use the oil free face cleanser to clean the face and remove all the oiliness from your skin. Generally the eyelids and sides are considered oily and thus, this cleansing will give you fresh and balanced eyes!

Cleanse Your Face With An Oil Free Cleanser

2. Dab Some Translucent Powder

One of the amazing ways to let your eye makeup get settled easily is using a powder. You can dab some translucent powder under your eyes and in the corners to not only prevent smudging but also give your eyes amore bright and classy look! Thus, dab some translucent powder to make the eyes look bright and shimmery!

3. Use A Primer And Set It Perfectly

Primers are awesome for your eye makeup and will make sure that the makeup won’t smudge. Invest in a good quality primer and also use the perfect blending technique to let it easily get settled on the skin. Thus, apply some primer to help your makeup get easily settles on your eyes and look smudge free all the daylong!

4. Use The Concealers Under Eyes

If your eyes are quite oily and the sin becomes extremely greasy, you can use the concealers which will not only fight oiliness but will also reduce the darkness and pigmentation caused by oiliness. To give an even toned and beautiful look to your eyes, apply some concealer which will prevent dark patchiness under eyes and will also prevent smudging. This trick works magically for those women whose under eyes get quiet sweaty and dark after few hours of makeup application!

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5. Master The Art Of Applying The Liner And Choose The Correct Products

Applying eye makeup can sometimes be tricky! Firstly, you need to choose the right products as per your kin type. If you have extremely oily skin and if you use the gel or cream based products, it is obvious that your makeup will smudge! Thus, if you have oily skin, go with the powder based products which can help your makeup get settled easily. Also apply the eye makeup step wise. Firstly cover the lower eye and frame it with a liner then cover the other areas. Don’t apply liner in the corners to prevent smudging.

6. Use An Eye Shadow

An eye shadow can give a completely stunning and brightening effect to your eye makeup. With an eye liner, cover the lower and upper eyes and for a gorgeous Smokey look, use a stunning eye shadow which can frame the liner and make it look more breathtaking! Try this look and prevent your eye makeup from getting smudgy!

7. Use Waterproof Makeup Products All The Time

The key to gorgeous makeup is using the waterproof makeup. If you are looking forward to attend an event or stepping out from your home, always use the waterproof mascaras, waterproof liners and pallets which can prevent your makeup from getting smudgy. Waterproof makeup will easily settle on your skin and eyes without smudging and will give you clear and redefined look throughout the day!

8. Don’t Use The Hands

Touching your makeup can make it smudgy! For perfect and fine makeup finish, complete it all with your products and brushes. If you use your hands or fingers to settle your eye makeup, it will look completely smudgy and will spoil your makeup entirely!

9. Use A Set Up Spray For Non Smudging Look

If you are still worried about the smudginess and spoiling of makeup, you can use a settling spray or coat for your eye makeup. There is different and high quality product available for preventing your makeup to get smudgy. Use these products and make your eyes look magical!

Use A Set Up Spray For Non Smudging Look

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