9 Wedding Decoration Ideas

Wedding decorations are one of the most looked after and sought fare things in a wedding. Wedding decorations can either spoil the look of the venue or can make it look spectacular. It is not always important to shell out huge sums of money to make the wedding venue look stunning. A limited budget or simple decorations can also make the place look amazing. It is very important to be practical and wise while finalizing the décor of the wedding venue. The decorations shall be apt with respect to the place, time of the venue and the number of guests expected. There are various decorations which you can opt for. One can stick to the traditional decorations or something more new and interesting. Both the decorations look nice provided the selections and the choices have been made well.

Some Of The Wedding Decoration Ideas Have Been Mentioned And Discussed Below

1. Personalized Tables

The best way to make your guests feel special at weddings is by giving them your personal attention and showing them that you remember them. One of the ways of doing this by giving your guests personalized tables to sit and witness the ceremony. You can place name cards on every table which has the name of your guests. A thank you note can also be left to make them feel special. The cards can be simple or in the theme of decoration of the tables and the venue.

Personalized Tables

2. All Whites

A white colour decoration is the oldest way to decorate the wedding venue but it still looks the best. White décor has a charm, elegance and warmth which can’t be matched by any other decoration. You can use white flowers to decorate the area. White sheets and covers can be used for the tables and chairs. This is simple yet the best looking decoration.

All Whites

3. Orchids

Orchids are one of my favourite flowers. You can use orchids to decorate the entire wedding venue by using them in the entrance, tables etc. Small bunches or orchids can be placed at the centre of every table. Orchids have a certain charisma which is added to the place in which they are kept. You shall use orchid appropriately and you will realize at the end how good the venue looks.


4. Chalkboard

Chalkboard décor is a little different and fun kind of decoration. You can place the chalkboard at the entrance with a beautiful message for the bride and groom. Coloured chalk can also be used for the same. Small chalkboards or artificial chalkboards can also be used for fall decorations. These look different and nice. They also add to the fun factor of the wedding.


5. Small Bouquets

You can place small bouquets in vases or decorative pieces on the table of your guests. A small bunch of various different flowers can be made and placed on the tables. This is a nice way to decorate the wedding venue. Small basket with some snacks and sweets can also be placed on the table for the guests to munch on during the ceremony.

Small Bouquets

6. Lanterns

Lanterns are one of the classic ways to decorate a wedding venue. If you have a day wedding the lanterns can be used only for show and decoration purposes. If it is an evening or night wedding the lanterns can be used for decoration and illumination. Various types and styles of lanterns are available in the market, so you can choose the style of lantern from a huge variety.


7. String Lights

String lights are one of the best ways to decorate a wedding venue for an evening wedding. They look great and also enhance the look of the venue. You can also use coloured lights. Make sure that you are using bright lights as you need to be sure that the area is well lit with adequate lights.

String lights

8. Wine Bottles

Wine bottles are often thrown away after they have been used. You can use these bottles as great items of use for wedding decorations. There are a number of ways in which you can use wine bottles to decorate the venue. You can use them as vases; use them as fall decoration pieces or as lights. They look stunning in every way. You can also place a wine bottle for all your guests to enjoy.

wine bottles

9. Photo Corner

Photo corner are one of the best attractions in weddings. You can create a small photo booth where the guests can click pictures and selfies. This will be one of the best decoration and memorable places of your wedding venue.

Photo Corner

These are a few wedding decoration ideas. It is not always important to have grand or elaborate decorations. Sometimes, simple decorations may also look the best.

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