11 Amazing Afforable And Branded Watches For The Couple On Their Wedding

Watches are one of the most essential and integral accessories for both the bride and the groom. It plays a very important part in the appearance of the couple. Wedding is a big occasion and every couples wants the best for their wedding. The couples want to wear the best accessories including best watches. Often the watches are over the budget. The couple can look into number of options . There are a number of brands which provide watches which are value for money and not too expensive.

Some Of These Brands Have Been Discussed Below:

1. Seiko

Sieko watches are renowned watches and are known for their amazing quality. They are worth the prize and are known to be one of the best in watches. They are made well with great spare parts; they are modern and most importantly have a nice outer appearance too. Some of the watches have great key features which make the Sieko watches standout completely from the other branded watches.


2. Swatch

Swatch has become a well-known brand over the years because of some of its great watches. They are one of the best brands for mechanical watches. It is available at quite a low price considering the brand and the amazing features it provides in watches.


3. Casio

Casio is a well-known brand in the world of watches. It has existed for a long time in the world of these amazing accessories. Casio has brought about a lot of change and innovation in its watches. The watches are reliable and updated with the latest technology too. Casio also has a number of ranges for its watches. It is available in various price ranges which can be afforded by all.


4. Citizen

Citizen has existed for a long time in the world of watches. It is known for its classic look of watches. It has been one of those brands which have incorporated technologies in their watches by keeping the classic look. It is an affordable brand of watches with a huge variety to choose from for all couples.


5. Invicta

Invicta is a Swiss company which has been more in the United States. It has a certain Swiss charm which has been incorporated in the watches. It appeals to all because of the Swiss look it has. The watches of this brand are very different. They manage to keep the classic and the modern look together with ease. The monetary pinch for these watches is not much too.


6. Tissot

Many people do not know this that Tissot was the first company to produce pocket watches in mass. Tissot has come a long way since then. Now, it has a huge variety of watches with different styles, features and looks. Tissot has a Swiss design to its watches which is hard to ignore. The traditional designs of Tissot are famous and available in various looks.


7. Michael Kors

Michael Kors is a luxury brand known for various accessories it produces. It has a certain look of luxury and comfort which appeals all. The watches of this particular brand are stylish, elegant and smart. Michael Kors stands out from various other luxury brand watches because of the price range it offers.

Michael Kors

8. Nautica

Nautica is a well-known brand for its collection, designs and elegance. The main attraction of the watches of Nautica is the designs, colours and amazing style it has. You can wear the amazing watches for both formal and informal occasions.


9. Timex

Timex is an old and renowned brand for watches. It has some great watches at very low prices. It mainly has its traditional watches which look great. These are not too expensive and are low on maintenance as well. Most importantly, these watches have a great quality.


10. Omega

Omega watches are one of the most elegant and classy watches which you will ever find. These watches are comfortable with a great design to offer. The materials used in making of these watches are extremely good and comfortable. They are not very expensive considering what they offer.


11. SevenFriday

SevenFriday is comparatively a new brand but it has gained immense popularity for its great range of watches. It has brought a revolution in its own way to the luxury brands. It is priced well considering the amazing collection it has. You can definitely try this watch if you willing to try a new and different branded watch.


These are some of the amazing branded watches which are reasonable and can definitely be tried by the couple getting married. Choose a brand you like and are comfortable in.

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