6 Amazing Beaches In Thailand For Destination Beach Wedding

A couple who are going to wed soon always want to have a great wedding. Most of the couples decide on the wedding destination much before the wedding date.  Many couples want to have a beach destination wedding. Thailand is one of the most amazing countries to have a beach destination wedding in. It has a number of stunning beaches and some great properties to live in. In fact, great wedding deals and prices are also offered and you can get an amazing beach destination wedding at an affordable budget easily. Apart from the great view and ambiance of the place there are a number of activities which will keep your guests entertained and busy. Your friends and family will love the experience and your wedding will surely be remembered for all the right reasons. Some of the great beaches have been discussed below for an amazing destination wedding.

Here Are The 6 Amazing Beaches In Thailand For Destination Beach Wedding:

1. Phuket

Phuket is one of the most amazing beach islands of Thailand. The island has a beauty and charm of its own. It is home to a number of beach resorts with great views. It has great places to eat with a number of mouth-watering cuisines. Apart from relaxing at beach, there are a number of water sports and adventure in which you can indulge yourself into. There are also great places to shop at in this wonderful island. As you move towards the main city you will come across malls and shopping areas which will not leave you disappointed. The place has a great night life and is completely opposite to what you find during the day.


2. Ko Samui

Ko Samui, is one of the well-known beach islands of Thailand. In fact, it is the largest islands in the Gulf of Thailand. Ko Samui is known primarily for its palm-fringed beaches which circle the coconut groves and dense, mountainous rainforest. It has some of the best resorts and you will relish your stay there. The island has a great night life. So, you can also have an amazing right before your wedding. During the day you can relax at the beach or at the relaxing spas. A great attraction here is the twelve metre tall golden Big Buddha statue at Wat Phra Yai temple. It is one of the greatest local landmarks and attracts a lot of tourists. So, you and your guests will have a lot to do in this wonderful beach island.

Ko samui

3. Pattaya

Pattaya is a town in the eastern Gulf coast of Thailand which is most popular among the international visitors coming from all over the world. If you want a lot of fun element in your beach wedding then this is the best place for you. It has the best night life and amazing enthusiasm and energy. It has vibes which will be loved by all and most people will be attracted to this great place. It also has seaside malls which people will enjoy shopping in. It also has resorts with great beach views, some fishing activities and high rise condos. Jet-skiing and parasailing are popular water activities which are common and a great attraction at Pattaya’s busy beaches. You will definitely take back some great wedding stories from this amazing beach town.


4. Krabi

Krabi, is the capital of southern Thailand’s Krabi Province. It is a resort town near the Andaman coast. The most interesting and fascinating thing about this place is that it lies in an area of limestone karsts and mangrove forest. It is a treat to the eyes of a person who loves nature. A great site of attraction is the Tiger Cave Temple which is on a hilltop which can be accessed using stairs. This place is a Buddhist site which has panoramic views. A local attraction here is Khao Kanab Nam, it is two slanting hills rising out of water. The Phi Phi islands can be accessed by a ferry ride. It is one of the best beaches with a great natural view. You can capture some great pictures during your wedding here.


5. Ko Chang

Ko Chang, is one of the largest Thai islands situated in the Gulf of Thailand. It is also one of the lessor known islands with great beauty. The landscape of this place mainly comprises of dense and steep jungle. The Mu Ko Chang National Park, is a great attraction here. It has a preserve with hiking trails and waterfalls like the tiered Klong Plu. These cover the interiors and extend to offshore coral reefs. These are extremely pretty scenes which will be a treat to the eyes of the onlookers.

Ko Chang

6. Hua Hin

Hua Hin is a seaside resort on the Gulf of Thailand. It was once a quiet fishing village, where people used to usually visit on fishing sprees and relaxation purpose. Now, it has grown immensely into a very modern and fashionable place which is a great weekend and holiday escape. It mainly rose into popularity once the Thai royal family built summer palaces here. Hua Hin Beach is popular for kitesurfing and various other water sports, is the main stretch of sand, lined with high-end hotels and seafood shacks. You can have immense fun in the shacks with food and great energy levels of people. It is a quiet place for a small fun filled wedding with your loved ones.

Hua HinThese are a few amazing beaches in Thailand for a great beach destination wedding. They have great natural views and your guests will have ample entertainment in store for them at night and during the day. It is going to be a small break for all your guests attending your wedding.

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