8 Of The Best Decoration Ideas For A Rustic Wedding

Out in the open, surrounded by the beautiful elements of the nature; sounds so blissful, doesn’t it? Imagine how beautiful the picture would be in the midst of the nature in a barn or lush green farm on your wedding day. That is the beauty of the rustic wedding theme that has everyone floored with its eccentric beauty. Rustic wedding scheme is turning out to be one of the immensely popular concepts for the big day among many soon-to-be couples and guests alike. It is also an absolute advancement from the old-fashioned weddings at the church. The adorable theme incorporates countryside chick to the full to make it even more authentic in feel.

There is simply no dearth of decorations for a rustic wedding and many of them rarely require any expertise and qualify easily as DIY decorations. Be it the centerpiece or the sheer ambiance, rustic decorations never compromise on simplicity. Take a look at these 8 best decorations for a rustic wedding and you are in for touches of country, nature-inspired decorations.

Here Are The 8 Best Decoration Ideas For A Rustic Wedding:

1. Wooden Crates

Wooden crates are eternal favorites as rustic wedding decorations. These crates become perfect small shelving furniture wherein you can store small stuffs, use it as flower shelve or as a storage space for photos that can be put on display. Needless to say, you get the rustic charm too. Available in different sizes, they can even put into effect for a large scale table plan.

Wooden Crates

2. Personalized Wine Labels

Let your guests raise a toast of wine that flows out from the bottles that have your names on its labels. The fantastically cool and unique decoration is a winner hands down. As space saving trick, print the table numbers for your guests as well for it does not require you to have separate cue cards with table numbers. Bud vase card holders are another decoration that has much appeal as personalized wine labels. This is your moment; get it printed in everyone’s minds!

Personalized Wine Labels

3. Wooden Slices

Add greater amount of detail in the flower vase that you keep on the guest’s table with wooden table. These beautifully cut, handmade wooden slices are simply rustic in every possible definition for rustic decoration. Available in many diameters, they can also be used as platform for coffee mugs or snacks plate. At any point in time, if you feel it does not compliment your table decor, use them for small bulletin board all across the barn!

Wooden Slices

4. Rustic Wedding Cards

A decoration with a difference for it is meant to be delivered at your guest’s doorstep; it’s a DIY idea too. Rustic decoration cards actually heralds the theme of your wedding with the use of simplest article like twine bow tie. Other things to be taken care of would be the caption the invitation card is printed. Get more of yourself in the card with the name of yourself and your significant other printed on the card.

Rustic Wedding Cards

5. Rustic Wedding Cakes And Cupcakes

Relax the flavor of your wedding cake will not be woody or of hay! The same old cakes and cupcakes that make for great custom and taste will merely wear the rustic decoration, much to the delightful surprise of your guests. A true winner in this decoration is a bark cake that looks seriously similar to wood bark.

Rustic Wedding Cakes And Cupcakes

6. Paper Lanterns And Lights

The evening of your big day too will sink in rustic with very simple yet effective decoration of paper lanterns in the barn. Try hanging the paper lanterns in the branches and it would look as if the wilderness has come to light; literally! Wood bucket candle holders placed at even distance truly triggers the mood and fervor of the rustic wedding you ever hoped for.

Paper Lanterns And Lights

7. Handcrafted Wood Keychains

It is more about giving than taking with both hands. With so much rustic on the table, how can rustic be left behind for return gifts? Wood keychains with personalized touches simply marks the occasion among your guests for a very long time. Not just the keychains, brown bags and envelopes containing small gifts is also very rustic and charming.

Handcrafted Wood Keychains

8. Moss Ring Cushion

Bet this will have you enchanted. The small and cute moss cushion the ring rests upon before making way in your better half’s finger brings so much detail as rustic decoration. Moss ring cushion is not a very widely followed idea for it is overlooked many a time. If you really like to spring surprise or bring a grin on your beau’s face, you just can’t afford to ignore moss ring cushion.

Moss Ring Cushion

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