7 Amazing Coordinated Dresses Ideas For The Bride And Her Bridesmaid

For a bride to be, her wedding day is a very important day for her as well as people around her. The world literally revolves in two periods, the first being the before the wedding and the other being after the wedding. For a bride to be her dress is very important. She takes plenty of time to decide and finalize on her wedding dress. Intricate details are looked in by the bride, to make sure that nothing is amiss or goes wrong with the dress and look of the bride. The bride also tries the dress before the big day, just to make sure that no problem arises on the wedding day. All the accessories, shoes and bags are also decided well in advance. Along with all these, the bridesmaids also play a very important role. It is very important for the bridesmaids to coordinate their dresses not only with the each other but also with the bride. It is not important that the dress shall be exactly the same as that of the bride but you can have something similar. The bride and the bridesmaids can finalize on similar prints, styles, fabrics, colours or any other factor which makes them feel comfortable and look nice. There are a number of ways in which the bride and her bridesmaid can coordinate their dresses.

Some Of These Have Been Mentioned And Discussed Below:

1. Pink Dress

A pink dress is a beautiful colour and definitely enhances the beauty of your dress and the bride and her bridesmaids. The bride can the bridesmaids can opt for the same colour dress with different styles and cuts. You can also opt for different shades of pink. It will look really nice and appealing. The pink colour is soothing and very attractive colour. It is one of the best colours which girls can put on. So, you shall definitely try a pink dress and look beautiful. If the bride does not want to wear a pink dress she can just add an accessory of that colour.

Pink Dress

2. Floral Dress

The floral prints are very much in fashion and also the prints which are available easily. There are a number of floral prints which are available in the market. Different styles, colours and concepts are a common thing in the floral dresses. They are available in numerous styles with great options for the bride and her girls to choose from.

Floral Dress

3. Purple Dress

Purple is a bright and very attractive colour. A bride can move away from the traditions and try a bold colour like purple along with her bridesmaids. Different styles can be opted by all to look different and unique from each other. The bride can choose a darker shade while the bridesmaids can choose a lighter shade. There a number of ways in which you can style your dress and look great. The bride can simply add a contrasting colour accessory or a purple colour accessory.

Purple Dress

4. White Dress

White is one of the best colours for a wedding dress. Even though it is the traditional and most common colour it does not fail to charm you. A white dress always looks stunning, elegant and beautiful. It always catches the attention of the onlooker. A bride in a white wedding dress is always a treat to the eyes. The bridesmaids can also opt for white dresses or another colour. The bridesmaids can coordinate their dress colour while the bride can stand out in white.

White Dress

5. Tube Dress

Tube dresses are one of the most difficult dresses to wear but look the best. These are one of the most stylish and bold dress styles which a bride can wear along with her girls. You are definitely going to make a fashion statement by wearing a tube dress. This will not only look fashionable but also very appealing. All the girls shall take care of not fiddling with their dress and be confident. It is always better to go for a couple of trials to ensure the perfect fit for a tube dress.

Tube Dress

6. Pastel Dress

Pastels are the most soothing colours which a bride and her girls can opt for. They are soft colours which look great when worn. The bride and the bridesmaids can choose different pastel colour and shades to enhance their look and presentation.

Pastel Dress

7. Lace Dress

It is always a great idea for the bride and her bridesmaids to wear something catchy and sophisticated. Nothing can be better than a lace dress to get the perfect look with is a combination of both. Sometimes, matching a bridesmaid dress with the bride’s dress to a lace gown can get a little tricky because of the unique texture of the fabric. You can do the same by using a similar looking fabric with intricate embroidery or just using a few lace accents. These look absolutely stunning and please the onlooker, These are a few amazing ways to coordinate the dress of the bride and the bridesmaid. These look stunning and when the bride and her girls make entry to the wedding the coordinated dresses have an absolutely different impact on the onlookers.

Lace Dress

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