10 Amazing Destinations For Honeymoon In The Pacific Region

One of the most common places which the honeymooners hit is the Pacific area. It is not a surprise as the world’s largest ocean is a catch and a great attraction for many couples who are heading for their romantic honeymoon. There are a number of places in the Pacific region which attract a lot of romantic honeymooners who want to cover a number of interesting places.

Some Of These Places Have Been Mentioned And Discussed Below:

1. Cook Islands

Cook Islands are one of the most beautiful areas in the South Pacific region. It is one of the best places to go if you are looking for some seclusion and alone time with your partner. The place is away from the fast and crazy life that we all lead in cities and towns. It is a perfect catch for the couples who enjoy beaches and the waters. It is away from the noise, buzz and the chaos. It is a great place for all couples looking for privacy and some alone romantic time.

Cook Islands

2. Easter Island

The Eastern Island is located in the south eastern region of the Pacific. It is closer to Chile. Many honeymooners love to explore and visit this small and beautiful place. It is mainly sunny and the weather attracts a lot of people. It is a great place to visit if you are an adventurous couple as it is known to be one of the adventurous islands. The place is also known for the active volcanoes here. It is a nice destination to cover for your honeymoon if you are looking for adventure, mystery and sightseeing.

Easter Island

3. Fiji

We all love to see diverse things. It can’t get better if you see diverse things in one place. Fiji is one of the most diverse and interesting places to visiting the Pacific region. The tourists love the atmosphere and vibes of Fiji. It is one of those places which is crowded with visitors and locals. The life here is active and positive. Amazing water sports are a great attraction here was the couples too.  The place also offers some fun activities and the traditional Polynesian dance.


4. Hawaii

Hawaii is a very well known place and needs no introduction. It is said to be one of the most common places in the Pacific region. Large number of tourists visit this region every year. The factors which attract the honeymooners are a perfect climate, amazing closeness to the mainland and one of the best and most amazing waves at the beaches. It is said to be the land which has given birth to surfing.  This is a place you will definitely not regret going to in your honeymoon period.


5. Bora Bora

As we mentioned this amazing place, you can think and imagine some real great experiences associated with this place. It is the most different kind of place that you can cover in your honeymoon in the Pacific region. It has the vibes, charm and something unseen which attracts you to this place. It has a great tropical climate, amazing beaches and resort and a fun lifestyle which will make your honeymoon worth remembering and cherishing.

Bora Bora

6. Micronesia

Micronesia, as a the name says has a number of micro islands. It is home to thousands of islands which form a part of this place. It is a perfect place for you if any one of you are fond of water sports and scuba diving in particular. Guam is the island which will be the perfect location for scuba driving. It has crystal clear water which will give you a great view of life underneath. So, you will have a great view and a lovely experience. There are also a large amount of reefs for walk-in dives, so you do not have you opt for boat rides.


7. Samoa Islands

Samoa islands are a great place to visit if you are looking for a short and sweet honeymoon. It is a perfect place to be in if you are looking in for a relaxed and very private honeymoon. You can indulge yourself in a number of activities this place has to offer with sports and trekking. It has great beaches which are not very crowded, banyan trees, coral reefs and some great waterfalls which you will love. It is a perfect break for a short and sweet honeymoon.

Samoa Islands

8. Sydney

Sydney is  a well known city of Australia. It is the city of the famous Opera House. It is a great city with varying lifestyles. It has well crowded street, some great shopping, amazing beaches and some lovely eating place. In simple words it is  city with great contagious energy and enthusiasm.It is a perfect location to be in with your life partner and have a great fun time.


9. Tahiti And French Polynesia

Apart from the lovely beaches and great lifestyle Pacific region has a different side to it. This includes the cultural side of the region. Tahiti and French Polynesia are places in this region which will give you a real taste of the culture of this place. It has French connection along with quite rich Polynesian culture. It also has an interesting past of civilized society.  The cuisines and dishes are also delicious and mouthwatering.  You will enjoy the experience entirely.

Tahiti and French Polynesia

10. Seattle

Seattle is the largest city in the Pacific northwest region. It is surrounded by some amazing natural beauty . It offers you entertainment in various forms in the streets and is extremely lively place to be in. It has some amazing cafes, restaurants, music and art places. This place is  a must visit for your honeymoon.


These are some of the amazing places you must visit if you choose the Pacific region for your honeymoon. You will be able relax and be to yourself completely. You will come back with some great ,memories and pictures. Make sure not to miss on the fun and enjoy your honeymoon to the maximum.

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