Eight Amazing Resorts In Fiji For Your Honeymoon

Honeymoon is one of the most awaited trips of your entire life. It is the first trip that you and your partner take most you’re married. Honeymoon is said to be the most romantic holidays in your life. Away from the wedding madness and chaos you and your partner get to spend some romantic and private moments together. There are many places which you want to visit for your honeymoon. One of such places is Fiji. It is a beautiful place and there are many resorts and hotels to accommodate you.

Here Are The Eight Amazing Resorts In Fiji For Your Honeymoon :

1. The Wakaya Club And Resort

The Wakaya Club And Resort is the best place to stay in if you are looking for privacy and luxury. It is a luxurious resort near the beach and has amazing surroundings which are quiet and peaceful. It is away from all the noise and you will just love the place. It is not very crowded and gives you and your partner plenty time with each other. It is a great place to stay in for your honeymoon time in Fiji.

The Wakaya Club And Resort

2. Royal Davui

The Royal Davui is a small resort which is away from all the noise and worldly matters. It is a quiet and luxurious resort on the island with scenery which is divine and beautiful. It has a rock lined pool overlooking the sea and private outdoor decks. A great resort with some great company is perfect for an ideal honeymoon.

Royal Davui

3. Laucala

Laucala is one of the best places to stay in Fiji if you are looking for private time and space. It is a private island owned by the Laucala resort. It is a beautiful resort which is spread over a large area. It has a number of activities which will keep you entertained in the resort. To unwind you have great spa too. So you can just relax here with your partner. You will love this resort and its ambience.


4. Emaho Sekawa

Emaho Sekawa is the perfect place to stay in if you want to disconnect with all except your partner. This resort provides you the perfect Fijian experience during your stay here and is not too crowded with tourists. The food and the ambience is great and most importantly you get a lot of luxury here. If you want to explore the place, you can go for excursions, sporting activities, and rainforest and waterfall hikes.

Emaho Sekawa

5. Qamea Resort

The Qamea resort in Fiji is one of the most favourite resorts of the honeymooners. This resort is great for any romantic vacation and honeymoon, most importantly. The resort allows a very small number of accommodations to the guests. Everyone gets a lot of privacy and alone time. The pool and waterfalls are great here and you will simply relish your most romantic period of time in your life here.

Qamea Resort

6. Namena Island Resort

The Namena Island Resort is a small resort which is beautiful and serene. It has some amazing views and sceneries around. The resort is not too crowded as it has limited booking. It is a great place for scuba diving and is well known for this among many. The resort is calm and has ample opportunity to relax along the lovely, picturesque beaches or at the resort itself. There are also a number of sports in which you can indulge during your stay here. It is a resort with great view and you will definitely not regret staying here for your honeymoon.

Namena Island Resort

7. The Remote Resort

As the names suggests, The Remote Resort is away from all the daily chaos and tensions. You can come to this wonderful resort for your honeymoon and be at peace with each other. It is a resort with villa and private pool for you to relax. The feel is amazing as you have some gorgeous and breath-taking scenery around. The beaches are neat and clean with clear water. You will love to be in this remote place during your honeymoon.

The Remote Resort

8. Likuliku Lagoon Resort

The Likuliku Lagoon Resort is one of its kinds in Fiji. The look of it mesmerizes the onlooker. It is a great place to stay in during your honeymoon. It is located right on the water and is surrounded by water. It gives you and your partner ample privacy and an experience you will not forget anytime soon. The resort is Fiji’s only resort to rock over-water-bures. You will not want to go back from this picturesque resort.

Likuliku Lagoon Resort

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