Eight Best Wedding Gown Ideas

Wedding is one of the most awaited days’ in a girl’s life. A lot has been dreamt about this day and a lot of wishes and expectations are attached with it too. No girl wants anything to go wrong on this day. Things shall fall in place perfectly. Every girl wants a dream wedding to go according to her dream and plan. Girls are extremely sensitive about their dresses in general, so when the topic is about their wedding attire they take special efforts to not mess it. Special care, appointments and consultations are taken with the designer to make sure that the wedding gown is the perfect wedding attire for you. You shall always choose a wedding gown which is special and different but most importantly you shall be extremely comfortable and in ease in your dress. Irrespective of what you wear be confident and smile. If you keep fiddling and touching your dress you will mess up your look. Make sure you go for a couple of wedding gown trials before your wedding. There are a number of options and ideas from which you can choose and opt for your wedding gown.

Some Of These Have Been Discussed Below:

1. Lace Gowns

Lace is one of the most intricate and best looking materials. There can be some intricate and beautiful designs using lace. You can choose your lace design and have a gown accordingly. The sleeves and cuts can be chosen by you with a wide range of styles available. Lace gowns look extremely classy and rich. You can team them up with simple and light jewelry as they are rich enough.

Lace Gowns

2. Off Shoulder Gowns

Off shoulder gowns are one of the most fashionable gowns and best part of off shoulders are that they are never out of fashion. You can choose the kind of off shoulder you want for your bridal gown. Pair up the gown with either large earrings or a heavy neck piece. This will definitely enhance the look of your gown and you also.

Off shoulder gowns

3. Different Sleeve Gowns

A different sleeve gown is one of the most fashionable pieces today. In this gown you have two different kinds of sleeves. You can opt for a sleeveless one sleeve and the other one with half sleeve or half sleeve and full or three quarter sleeve. You can keep the hues in light shades or in contrast to make the gown look a trendy piece.

Different sleeve gowns

4. The Flare Gown

A flare gown is one of my personal favourites. You can have a number of layers of flares and give a flowing effect. You can also make it look like a princess dress with a large portion of it falling to the ground. The jewelry can be matched and worn according to which looks best with the gown. As the gown has a lot of flares, you do not have to worry much about the jewelry.

The flare gown

5. Sequins Gowns

Sequins are one of the best ways to catch attention of the onlookers. As a bride you will have the attention of everyone but by wearing a sequins gown the attention will be divided between you can the gown. You can go for a complete sequins gown. This will be an eye catching and a heavy piece. To keep things a little subdued you can have sequins in patches throughout the gown or just on the upper portion of the gown. This will decrease the sequins effect. You need to opt for the option in which you are more comfortable and in ease. With a full sequins gown keep your jewelry to the minimal.

Sequins gowns

6. Pearl Gowns

Pearls are one of the most charming and enduring things a girl can wear on her wedding day. You can have a gown with pearls put in various places. Or you can opt for a gown which has pearl on the neckline. This will help you as you will not have to wear a neckpiece and the jewelry can be accordingly worn.

Pearl gowns

7. Floral Gown

The floral prints are very much in fashion. Various floral prints are available these days. To be little different you can try the hand printed floral gowns. These definitely stand out but are a little expensive. You can give your inputs and ideas to get it done. As a bride this is one of the best options that you have. This is different, stylish and simple.

Floral gown

8. Embroidered Gown

Embroidered gowns are one of the best. You can get the embroidery done according to your choice and ideas. You can keep the embroidery simple or heavy according to your choice and the colours can also be chosen by you. You will have a lot of options with respect to jewelry with these gowns.

Embroidered gown

These are a few gown ideas which you can choose for your wedding day. Keep it as comfortable as possible. Make sure you choose the right shoes, bag and jewelry matching with your gown. You also need to take care of your hair do. So, make sure you plan and execute well.

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