9 Honeymoon Destinations In The World For Adventure-Seeking Couples

Are tranquil honeymoons not your cup of tea? Not every couple in this world seek for relaxation on their honeymoon. There are couples who actually want to try some adventure sport together on their honeymoon. Actually it is the best time to try something new. We have listed the best honeymoon destinations for adventure seeking couples. Take a look at the list and choose accordingly.

Here Are The 9 Honeymoon Destinations For Adventure-Seeking Couples:

1. The Caribbean

When you are in Caribbean, you should be staying in Sandals Resorts. This resort provides an adventure program for couples which includes mountain biking, catamaran sails, fishing, dolphin encounters and so much more. The fishing and mountain biking experience is one of its kind. You can check out the packages online on their Sandals Resorts Website. You could go to Puerto Rico or St. Lucia for an adventurous honeymoon.

The Caribbean

2. Hawaii

Ritz Carlton organizes a program for its guests. You need to pay between $25 to $250 for the activities. You can hike in the Hawaiian rain forest. You can do snorkeling in the coral reefs of Maui. How about getting clicked underwater? You can have an underwater photo session with your partner. You can take a helicopter ride too in Kuai. You can also swim with the dolphins. Rent a pair of bike for you and your partner and go to Haleakala volcano.


3. Southern France

This will be really adventurous. What we are endorsing is that you rent a Maserati and cruise around in Southern France. You can see all the towns in your ride with your partner. You will have your own private ride for the rest of the days. You could also take few laps at the AGS Formula 1 Driving School. You will get the experience of riding the Formula 1 racing car. If your partner loves speed – this is THE activity to do!

Southern France

4. Mt Fuji, Tokyo

Tokyo is another exciting place. You will get the taste of their Japanese culture and the sunrise is breathtaking. Mt. Fuji is the highest of Japan. You can take a hike to this mountain. It may be a challenge but when you are with your partner, you will feel safe and energized. It will take five hours to reach the top but it will be worth it.

Mt Fuji, Tokyo

5. Swiss Alps, Switzerland

This is an alpine region. Do you love skiing? You can enjoy skiing in the Swiss Alps when it is winter time. The view of Swiss Alps is so amazing. You will feel like you are seeing a beautiful postcard. You can try ski boarding.  It is slightly shorter than the skis. It is so much fun! While you are getting the adrenaline rush, you can enjoy the view and the chilly winter in the blankets with your partner.

Swiss Alps, Switzerland

6. Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Although Angkor Wat is a temple complex, there is a surprise waiting for you. The Hindu temples and sculptures are in the middle of a forest. You will be amazed there exists such beautiful temple ruins and sculptures worth millions in the middle of a forest. You should hire a guide because you will get lost in the jungle which is not easy to get out of. This place is real and it does exist.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

7. Cape Town, South Africa

There is luxury and danger in Cape Town. You can get adventurous here by cage diving with the great scary white sharks. When it is night time, you can hike to the Lion’s Head with a bottle of champagne. Safari is a must if you are going to Cape Town. Cape Town is actually very beautiful. Paragliding is also an option.

Cape Town, South Africa

8. Tuscany, Italy

You are highly mistaken if you think Tuscany is all about beautiful landscapes and vineyards. No! There is so much more to it. Do you love speed? Castello di Casole gives you the opportunity to ride a Formula1 car on the racing tracks. This will be exciting for both you and your partner. If you love driving fast, this can get very exciting. Bike tours and horse riding can also be done.

Tuscany, Italy

9. Cappadocia, Turkey

Have you ever spent the night in a cave? If the answer is NO – we will tell you where you can do it. It is possible in Cappadocia in Turkey. There are safety measures that are taken care of. You can also take a hot air balloon ride which is relaxing as well as adventurous. You will be able to see the world beneath you. This sounds exciting and romantic both.

Cappadocia, Turkey

Now that you have the list of the 9 Adventurous Honeymoon Destinations, you should book your flight tickets. Make sure you book a good resort because it is your honeymoon and relaxing will be important after all the adventure sports that you and your partner will take part in. Have an awesome  honeymoon!


Anshu Choudhury is a Delhi girl. She loves to write and believes that words have power to change lives. She has a Master's degree in Sociology from Jamia Millia Islamia. Anshu loves cooking. She aspires to open her own restaurant serving Bengali and Odiya cuisine. Dancing makes her happy. She likes traveling and swimming. She is versatile, optimistic and adventurous.

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