Perfect Wedding Dress Options For Your Body Type

How many times have you passed by those flowy wedding dresses and thought to yourself, ‘I wish I could carry off that look?’, ‘I wish I was made for that dress’. Well, here is the good news for it is not you who is made for a dress, but it is the dress that is made for you! As human beings, we have diverse body types just like all the designer clothes you are a fan of. To bring out the best in your body and to feel that your body type is just as beautiful as the other five, you have to choose the wedding dress best suited to your body type.

So Here Is A Countdown Of The Best Possible Wedding Dress Options For Each Body Type:

1. Rectangle Shape

A person with a rectangle body shape has a small waist and bust with less curves as the width of your shoulder is the same as your hips. You also tend to have slender arms and legs. The main highlight of a person with a rectangle shaped body are their broad shoulders. Thus, to attract eyes to their waist they need to dress up in wedding gowns that have cap sleeves. A line gowns which give the benefit of a belted waistline are also probably not a bad idea either. To pamper your curves, you can opt for one-shoulder, strapless or v-neck gowns.What you must definitely ditch are straight and flowy gowns like Halter and high neck dresses for they make your shoulders look narrow and your waist ill-defined. A famous celebrity with a rectangle body shape is Cameron Diaz. Needless to say, rectangle body shapes are the easiest ones to dress up!

Rectangle shape

2. Pear Shape

While your body from the head to the torso seems narrower, the bottom half from the hips is fuller. The main highlight of a pear-shaped person are their legs and thighs. Your ideal gown enhances your look on the upper half while reducing the effects left by the features on your lower half, so as to create balanced attention. Consequently wrap style gowns that clinches your small waist and A line gowns with a natural waistline will do the trick on your D-day! Never give up on your ruffle skirts and ballroom gowns either. However try to consciously avoid fishtail and tiered dresses. Kim Kardashian defines pear shape well through her enviable collection of dresses.

Pear shape

3. Hour-Glass Shape

An hour glass shaped person has an accentuated waist and a proportionate body. You dont have to glean over any of your weaknesses and must focus on mermaid and trumpet gowns with a chiffon material that can like water adapt itself to the hotness of your shape! Marilyn Monroe is a famous celebrity with an hour glass figure.

Hour-glass shape

4. Inverted Triangle Shape

An inverted triangle shaped person has features which are just opposite to that of a pear shaped person. They have a heavier upper half, while their lower half is narrower. Your main highlight is your well shaped bust. Yes, you guessed it right! You must do the opposite of your pear shaped body and try to add volume to your lower half whilst toning down the overshadowing demeanor of your upper half. For this purpose, it is best to rely on Sheath, Peplum and Ballgown wedding attires. Giselle Bundchen would surely agree with us as well after a decades’ worth of owning the ramp like a goddess!

Inverted Triangle shape

5. Apple Shaped

The midsection is the area of focus for most apple shaped women as she tends to gain weight in this region. But this is not a cause for worry as they are blessed with well toned legs. It is quite tricky for an apple shaped woman to select her dress as she has to concentrate on defining her waist while toning down the effect on her mid-section. And this is why you must definitely say ‘I do’ to empire dresses after securing an immediate divorce from bodycon and pencil skirts. Jeniffer Hudson is a confident apple shaped celebrity.

Apple shaped

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