Six Bridal Hair Style Ideas

Wedding is a very important day in a girl’s life. She most definitely wants everything from her dress, makeup, hair, accessories etc. to all be in place. A bride does not want to mess her day with a bad hair or a bad hairstyle. She takes all measures to make sure that her hair style is done well and it complements her dress and her look for the day. Brides are often confused or do not know the hairstyle for which they shall opt. they are usually in a fix about the hairstyle which they shall opt for. There are various hairstyles from which a bride can choose her style of hair. It is very important that the hair style goes well with her face cut, make up and bridal attire. If you are confused about your hairstyle or not convinced, change the look. Some of the hairstyles which you can try for your wedding have been given below.

1. Messy bun

A messy bun is one of the most stylish hairstyles. It is a little messy but does not make you look dirty and completely mess up. It can be done a little differently by changing your hair parting. To get the best look of a messy bun, try to make the bun a little low and a little loosely. When these two factors are complied with and taken care of, your bun will look the best.

Messy bun

2. Tongs

Tongs are similar to curls but are longer than curls. The curls are spread longer in length and style. They give a great look from behind. In fact the best thing about opting for tongs is that they stay relatively longer and if they start opening up a little with passing of time they still look nice. They look like the loose curls. So, you do not have to worry about the time.


3. Ironing

Ironing is one of the most common hairstyles that one opts for. It is the simple straightening of hair. This is a simple hairstyle which looks good always. To make it look a little fancy and interesting, you can use various hair accessories which are available easily.


4. Braids

Braids look extremely nice and stylish. Various kinds of braids can be opted for. You can try the full braids, side braids, front braids etc. to name a few. These give you a neater appearance with a new look. You can also try multiple braids. To avoid the serious braids one can also opt for messy braids.


5. Ponytail

Ponytails are the most commonly done hairstyles among girls. As a bride you can opt for a ponytail which looks different and nice. Firstly, you will have to make sure that the high ponytail or the low ponytail looks good. Then, you can decide on the partings and styling of the front area of hair.


6. Curls

Curls are one of the best options. It gives you a stylish look, gives you a neater appearance and you do not have to fiddle with it. You can do full curls or just curl the bottom of your hair. This looks nice and it goes mostly with all kinds of looks. You can also keep the same hair style for the wedding and the reception.

These are a few hairstyles for brides which they can opt for. These are a few hairstyles which are known and can easily be done by any hairstylist. You can also use various hair accessories and other pins to make your hair look decorative, attractive and appealing.


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