6 Stunning Dresses For Bride With Excess Tummy

Every girl wants to be a beautiful and stunning looking bride. It is every girl’s dream to look the best bride ever. She wants her dress to be the latest and the one which not only enhances her beauty but also hides her flabs. One of the main concerns of a bride who has excess tummy is how to show less of it on her big day. Most brides go for a crash diet right before their wedding, this helps them in shedding the extra fat while most of the brides are successful there are a number of brides who are unable to shed the excess fat on their tummy. You often end up feeling terrible about the fact that you are a bride with excess tummy fat and worrying a lot more about your look and dress for the big day of your wedding. It becomes a major obstacle in your path which you as a bride to be do not know how to handle. As a bride to be a bride shall not worry about her dress and extra tummy fat. A bride shall opt for a dress which helps her in hiding her fat and which goes with her figure. Your designer or stylist for your wedding attire will help you in choosing and designing the best style for you. A bride with excess tummy fat has a number of options to choose for her wedding dress. Some of the best dresses which a bride can opt for on her big day have been mentioned and discussed below.

Here Are The 6 Stunning Dresses For Bride With Excess Tummy:

1. A Line Dress

This is one of the best dresses for a bride with excess tummy fat. A bride shall opt for an A line dress as it helps in hiding your belly fat immensely. It is one of the best styles to hide your fat. A bride with excess tummy fat shall stay away from extremely tight fitting dresses, dresses with cuts or the mermaid style dresses. These will definitely not help you in hiding your fat and you will definitely have some issues with the look they give you.

A line dress

2. A Great Bodice Dress

Bodice is the portion above the waist. A bride with excess fat in the tummy shall opt for a dress which has work on the bodice and attracts attention to the upper part. This usually helps in hiding the attention which is given to the area in and around your tummy. In fact, it is a great way to hide the excess flabs on your tummy.

A great bodice dress

3. Flares Down The Waist Dress

A bride with excess fat on the tummy area shall about dresses which are slim fitting or tight fitted. You shall opt for dresses which are flared style below the waist area. It can be slight tight fitted till the waist but totally loose below it. The flares help in hiding the excess fat on your tummy area as they loosely cover up your tummy.

Flares down the waist dress

4. Dress With The Right Corset

A corset plays a very important role in our appearance as a bride. You shall always opt for a dress which has a perfect corset for you. It is very important for the corset size to be correct. It is a great support to your body and most importantly it makes your tummy look slimmer and well-shaped.

Dress with the right corset

5. Cotton Or Georgette Dresses

Wedding dresses are available in various different fabrics. It is very important for a bride with excess tummy fat to choose the right material. The bride shall not opt for materials like satin, velvet or stretching lace. These will make the bride’s fat more visible and not look very appealing either. The bride shall opt for materials which do not stretch or stick to the body and give you adequate space. The bride shall opt for materials like georgette, chiffon or cotton. This will be comfortable and will also make you feel good.

Cotton or georgette dresses

6. Embellished Dress

A bride with fat on her tummy shall always opt for accessories or embellishments on her dress instead of plain dresses. The bride can use some smart accessories like belts, neck pieces or various other accessories which go well with her look and appearance for the big day in her life. If the bride does not want to use accessories, she can use various different embellishments to make her dress look great and hide her tummy fat.

Embellished dressThese are a few amazing dresses which a bride with excess tummy fat can wear easily. These dresses are comfortable and also help the bride in concealing the fat on her tummy.

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