10 Beach Wedding Decoration Ideas

Weddings are one of the few occasions when all the near and dear ones gather together. It is when friends and family from all over the world come together for a common reason, to celebrate and rejoice. Weddings are always fun, but beach weddings are different. They are much more than fun and get together. Everyone has so much to do together. Be it sports, pranks, dance, laughter, clicking pictures etc. everything’s is done together. Most importantly, the feel of walking for a beach wedding with sand in your feet is a different feel all together. With all these things, a very important thing, is the decoration for a beach wedding. Various decorations can be done, some of the best decorations for a beach wedding have been mentioned below.

Here Are The 10 Beach Wedding Decoration Ideas:

1. Shell Bouquets

The first things which one sees on a beach are shells. We often start collecting these as well. For a beach wedding, if you want to get a feel of beach is to do something with these sea beach shells. Breaking away from the traditional weddings sea shell bouquets can be used instead of flower bouquets. The bridesmaids can carry shell bouquets instead of the flower bouquets. This is a great way to get a feel of the beach and be different.

Shell Bouquets

2. Champagne Glasses

Drinking champagne and the beach go very much hand in hand. To get a beautiful wedding décor the champagne glasses can be used to decorate the beach wedding venue. The empty champagne glasses can be used to decorate the tables or can be used for hanging decorations. These look extremely classy.

Champagne glasses

3. Flowers

Flowers are always a great way to enhance the beauty of any place. Using flowers will be a great idea for decoration of a beach wedding is a great idea. It will be a way of enhancing beauty of a natural beauty using natural ingredients. Various flowers can be used. The decorations can be elaborate or simple, depending on your choice.


4. Candles

Candles have a beauty and charm which is unmatched by any light. Small candles can be used to enhance the beauty of the beach and illuminate it as well. The candles can also be placed on every table of the guests.


5. Lanterns

Lanterns are one of the best traditional and charming things. These most definitely have an effect which is unmatched by any other similar product. You can also get the lanterns a little decorated according to your choice. In fact the original lanterns look the best. You can simply keep the lanterns in their place or hang them.


6. Buckets

Sand is the most common feature of a beach. As soon as a person enters a beach area, the first things you step on is sand. The entire wedding venue can be decorated with colourful buckets filled with sand. These make the venue more colourful and look very interesting as well. These colourful sand buckets will add a lot of energy to the ceremony. These buckets can alternatively be filled with various things associated with the beach too.


7. Umbrellas

Umbrellas are a must if you go to the beach. Many people use umbrellas to protect themselves from the rays of the sun. Colourful umbrellas can be used in various different ways to decorate the wedding venue and make it look more appealing and attractive.


8. Tables

Tables are a must have at the wedding venue. If you use tables at the beach wedding for decoration purpose these will serve two purposes. They will help in decorating the venue and secondly they will help in accommodating the guests. Tables can be arranged in various ways with different decorations on top of them. If you want to keep it simple, then you can just fix a cloth nicely over it.


9. Balls

Balls are a great attraction at beach areas. By using balls at a beach wedding for decoration purpose, you can create a fun and lively environment at the venue. Colourful balls can be used to enhance the look of the venue and make it look extremely attractive. This will be a fun and creative decor will be enjoyed by all age groups.


10. Champagne Bottles

Weddings are an occasion to celebrate and rejoice. As your guests witness the beautiful ceremony with a great beach view, a bottle of champagne can be placed at every table reserved for your guests. The guests can enjoy a glass of champagne as they witness the beautiful ceremony.

Champagne Bottles

These are a few beach decorations that a person can opt for. Beach weddings are always fun and memorable wedding, make sure than your decoration just adds to the fun factor. Beaches also have a great natural beauty and view, just be sure that your decoration only enhances the beauty of the venue.

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